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Second, third-tier cities: today´s winners – Shaun Rein

China´s first tier cities seem to be getting out of breath, while second and third-tier cities blossom. Business analyst Shaun Rein has been predicting the shift already for a long time, he tells the South China Morning Post. The rising prosperity of lower-tier cities may boost tourism to cheaper destinations like the Philippines and Thailand, he adds.

SME´s find it hard to get funding – Sara Hsu

January 31 is going to be a major test for the shadow banking in China, as a 3 billion RMB fund matures, without support of the larger banks. One of the main victims could be China´s SME, who had to turn to shadow banking as officials refused them funding, writes financial specialist Sara Hsu in the South China Morning Post.

The bubble of shadow banking in China – Sara Hsu

Shadow banking covers about 25% of China’s financial industry, and poses a threat to the country’s future. Shadow banking expert Sara Hsu fears that these riskier ways of getting finance, shadow banking might collapse and wipe away the savings of many Chinese, if the government does not step in, she tells at the China Weekly Hangout.

Business as usual after Beijing flooding – Jeremy Goldkorn

The Beijing mayor and a vice-mayor lost their jobs, Weibo is rife with rumors about a high number of causalities, but – unlike what some US newspapers suggest – the city does not face a confidence crisis, explains Beijing watcher Jeremy Goldkorn on his weblog.

Weibo, a force in the public debate – Jeremy Goldkorn

Weibo, China’s twitter-like microblog, is changing the public debate very fast, tells internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn in The National. Even authorities have problems in taming the digital beast, he says.

China should not ease lending too fast – Victor Shih

Dropping inflation, a bumper harvest, falling food prices and other good financial news does not mean China’s financial institutions should leave their policies of tight lending, writes financial analyst Victor Shih in the Financial Times.

No economic crash anytime soon – Arthur Kroeber

While the bears are out in full force again on China and the global economy, economic analyst Arthur Kroeber is not expecting an economic crash in China anytime soon, he tells The Guardian.

Building too fast in China – Bill Dodson

Author Bill Dodson takes the no.10 subway in Shanghai several times per week and just missed the collision yesterday. An annus horribilis for China’s infrastructure, he sights on his weblog. But taking the bicycle in stead of the train is no longer an option.

How to put a brake on society? – Bill Dodson

China’s railway autorities might have symbolically reduced the speed of fast trains after the Wenzhou train crash, but – wonders author Bill Dodson in his weblog – why is it so hard to slow down society when things go into the wrong direction?

David Cameron and more on internet censorship – Jeremy Goldkorn

Beijing-based internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn discusses on Australian TV the latest move by British prime minister David Cameron to censor social media to prevent social unrest. China’s state media ended up gloating as Cameron took to the Chinese view on censorship.