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Why London is lagging behind in Chinese tourists – Roy Graff

A cumbersome visa system, no Chinese language brochures. Those are just a few of the barriers the UK and London have in place to stop more Chinese tourists from visiting their country, almost ten years after the first groups were allowed in, hospitality expert Roy Graff tells Christine Lu in the Jing Daily.

Going global: tough for food products – Paul French

Globalization might be high on many corporate agenda’s, but food products offer special challenges, as tastes and eating habits vary. Retail analyst Paul French illustrates in CKGSB Knowledge a few strategies by Chinese food companies.

Chinese millionaires swamp Britain – Rupert Hoogewerf

The UK might be lagging when it comes to attracting average Chinese tourists, the country is certainly successful in attracting the wealthy section of the Chinese. Key driver were the Olympics, estimates Hurun rich list founder Rupert Hoogewerf in the Telegraph.

Visa rules still hamper Chinese tourists – Roy Graff

Tourist offices worldwide compete to get more heavy-spending Chinese to their countries, but strict visa rules remain the no.1 barrier on the road for traveling Chinese, writes hospitality specialist Roy Graff in ChinaContact. But things are getting better.

You want Chinese tourists? Give’m visas! – Roy Graff

Tourism is not always rocket science. Hospitality expert Roy Graff explains why Britain only gets 160,000 out of 18 million Chinese tourists, despite the Olympics, lagging greatly behind Schengen countries like France and Switzerland. Make it easier to get visas, Graff suggest. And some other advises.

Dead Britons in China – Paul French

Neil Heywood, former friend of sacked Chinese leader Bo Xilai, and possibly killed by Bo’s wife Gu Kailai, is not the first Briton to lose his life in China, writes author Paul French in The Telegraph. In his book Midnight in Peking he tried to solve at least one, the murder of Pamela Werner in 1937.

Weetabix has chances in China – Ben Cavender

Shanghai Food, China second largest food producer, bought a controlling stake in Weetabix, the iconic British cereal producer. Ben Cavender of the China Market Research (CMR) believes there is room in the China market for the foreign food producer,

How Panda diplomacy changed into Panda commerce – Zhang Lijia

What’s the point of breeding panda’s, author Zhang Lijia wonders on her weblog after a couple arrived in a highly-publicized visit in Edinburgh. Panda’s as political tools have been replaced by a commercial, and useless, breeding program.

British colonialism, racism and dog meat – Zhang Lijia

Celebrity author Zhang Lijia is annoyed by the British colonial attitude towards China, as urban myths on dog meat, donkey penises and other ‘weird’ food get the major focus the British, ignoring the country’s great cuisine, she writes in The Guardian.

Schaub, Mark

Mark Schaub a partner at King & Wood and Mallesons, the largest law firm in China and Australia combined. He is a prolific speaker who wastes no time in avoiding the real challenges in doing business in China.

As a lawyer he had extensive experience in negotiating deals, firing people and otherwise dealing with the ignorance of companies entering the Chinese business minefield. He travels from Shanghai