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Why internet filters block China’s development – Bill Dodson

Mostly China’s internet filters are seen as a nuisance, not really as a blockade of the outside world. That stopped for China-watcher Bill Dodson in July, when his internet connection in Suzhou stopped working all together, he explains on his website.

Suzhou “still no Silicon Valley” – William Bao Bean

China has put innovation high on its political agenda and the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) has drawn thousands of start-ups. But that makes it not yet a Silicon Valley, warns venture capitalist William Bao Bean with Singtel Innov8 in Marketplace.

Buying a mobile phone in China – Bill Dodson

China veteran Bill Dodson got his mobile stolen and took to opportunity to investigate China’s fast changing and competitive battle ground for mobile hardware. A report from the shopping mall in Suzhou on his weblog.

Double standards for foreign enterprises – Bill Dodson

Scandals seem to be hitting foreign enterprises more than ever. Partly because Chinese authorities on a local level apply double standards, tells China watcher Bill Dodson on his weblog.

Fake eyelashes hit China – Bill Dodson

Profound changes are sometimes illustrated by very small changes, like fake eyelashes, China veteran Bill Dodson discovered in his favorite Starbucks in Suzhou, where his favorite waitress underwent a change, he reports on his weblog.

Doing a Foxconn – Bill Dodson

Suicide in China has now been linked to the poor working condition at Apple supplier Foxconn. But, as China veteran Bill Dodson discovers at a plant a Suzhou, love might destroy also the lives of young workers

Drinking English tea in China – Bill Dodson

Getting a cup of Whittards English tea in Suzhou, China, seems like an surprising experience. China veteran Bill Dodson explains on his weblog why foreign products like tea might have a chance in this tea drinking nation.

The property industry is booming like crazy – Bill Dodson

Many media report China’s property industry is collapsing and heading for a rough landing. That is not what business analyst Bill Dodson sees on the ground. On his weblog he reports how construction actually went crazy over the past month.

Corruption and executions in Suzhou – Bill Dodson

Suzhou resident Bill Dodson talks about the executing of his corrupt vice-mayor to Paul French of the Ethical Corporation in a podcast. Local debts are becoming a liability and local officials paying with their lives. A look behind China’s corrupt economy.

All foreign books to be banned in China? – Bill Dodson

Celebrity author¬†Bill Dodson just discovered by accident that his succesful book¬†China Inside Out has been taken off the shelves of a book store in Suzhou. It might be the start…