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Premier Li in anti-recession mode – Sara Hsu

Europe talks already about a triple-dip, a third financial crisis, as China´s premier Li Keqiang visited the continent with a global anti-recession business trip, offering deals to Germany, Italy and Russia. Financial analyst Sara Hsu. “Bolstering growth is needed in those countries… It won´t be Li´s last tour.”

Next: China deal on Russian fighters – Wendell Minnick

After the massive gas deal between China and Russia, both countries are now working on a deal on Russian fighters and surface-to-air missiles. But it is not yet a done deal, explains defense analyst Wendell Minnick in Defense News.

China’s plans with its bombers – Wendell Minnick

China and Russia are negotiating about the purchase of Russian bombers Tupolev Tu-22M3 Backfire long-range strategic bombers and Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers. Very much is unclear about China’s requirements, but defense analyst Wendell Minnick has some backgrounds on what China is going, he writes in Defense News.

Russia moving forward on China fighter deal – Wendell Minnick

Despite bad memories on the first deal with the Sukhoi Su-27/J-11A fighter, Russia seems to move forward in negotiations on a second fighter deal with China, writes defense specialist Wendell Minnick in Defense News. Reason: geopolitical considerations, rather than business sense.

Will Russia sell China its Su-35? – Reuben F. Johnson

Here is the dilemma. Russia is eager to sell the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) its fighter planes Su-35, but fears China might reverse-engineer its airplane. Defense specialist Reuben F. Johnson explains in Jane’s how the negotiations develop

Top-10 visitors by country

Google Analytics offers a wealth of data, and now and then we want to share them with you. Today, the top-10 visitors for November 2011 by country. From our observations, those data are not always flawless, but since they are the only we have, we will stick to them for the time being.

China spies trouble Sino-Russian relationship – Reuben F. Johnson

A trip by president Vladimir Putin to Beijing in the second week of October was shadowed by the discovery of a Chinese spy network in Russia, writes defense specialist Reuben F. Johnson in The Washington Times. Arms trade from Russia to China was already dwindling.

Russian fighter jet "no option for China" – Wendell Minnick

Wendell Minnick The Russian fighter jet MiG-29k is “no option” for China’s former Soviet-built carrier Varyag, told a Russian defense official at the 2011 Aero India air show in Bangalore, writes Wendell…

Russia tries to stop China’s fighter jets – Wendell Minnick

by ASKYZ via Flickr China’s military industry is pushing its fighter jet JF-17/FC-1 on a global market, and apparently so successful its Russian competitor is trying to block it, writes…