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US inspection of listed China firms “little and too late” – Paul Gillis

Under new US rules the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), the main U.S. audit regulator will start this year to inspect Chinese firms listed at US stock markets in China, Reuters reports. Accounting professor Paul Gillis is not impressed.

Volatile Alibaba shares – Shaun Rein

Alibaba shares have gone up since their massive IPO, but the situation is very volatile, says business analyst Shaun Rein, according to the Drum. The hedge funds are waiting for their chances, and they might come soon as the company releases its figures on Thursday.

Missing audits for Tianhe and Sihuan red flags – Paul Gillis

Two major companies backed by Morgan Stanley, Tianhe and Sihuan, have told security regulators in Hong Kong, they cannot meet the deadlines for filing their audits, reports AP. Two red flags, causing serious problems for Morgan Stanley, says accounting professor Paul Gillis.

2014: A stellar year for the internet industry – Paul Gillis

China´s economic growth might no longer be double digits, the internet industry keeps on booming, says financial expert Paul Gillis at Aljazeera. Successful IPO´s contributes, although the companies did not really need money, says the accounting professor.

Copycat China, review by Financial Professionals´ Post – Shaun Rein

Reviews and awards for Shaun Rein´s latest book The End of Copycat China: The Rise of Creativity, Innovation, and Individualism in Asia are flooding in, just in time to order your Christmas present. Today Bill Hayes the Financial Professionals´Post of the New York Society of Security Analysts look at Shaun´s recent book.

Chinese investors turn to Tokyo real estate – Wei Gu

Relations between China and Japan might be tense, Chinese companies and individuals spend increasingly their capital in the real estate of Tokyo, writes WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu in her column at the Wall Street Journal.

Why did Alibaba not list on Chinese stock markets – Sara Hsu

After lengthy negotiations Alibaba picked the New York Stock Exchange for its listing, not a Chinese stock market, or even not Hong Kong. Financial analyst Sara Hsu still sees hope for the Chinese stock markets, she writes in TripleCrisis. China has to reform its exchanges, as a part of its financial reforms.

How to end the auditing wars – Paul Gillis

The ongoing stand-off between securities regulators in China and the US keeps auditing firms hostage and might eventually lead to the delisting of Chinese companies at US stock exchanges. Beida accounting professor Paul Gillis tries to map out a way out of the maze in Forensic Asia.(pdf)

Big Four China trouble needs diplomatic steps – Paul Gillis

The ongoing dispute where the China units of the Big Four accounting firms are banned from auditing US-listed companies, might drag into next year, fears accounting expert Paul Gillis, missing the fillings for April 2015. He pleads for a negotiated solution, but is not hopeful China and the US can work out a deal.

Who is auditing Alibaba? – Paul Gillis

PWC is auditing Alibaba, but – writes accounting professor Paul Gillis at his weblog – it is very unclear whether the Hong Kong or the mainland offfice of PWC is doing the legwork. Officially it is the Hong Kong office, but Gillis has its doubts, and that might matter to the investors.