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Getting China’s political aspirations right in marketing – Shaun Rein/Tom Doctoroff

International airlines, ignoring Taiwan is part of China, according to China, were the latest to get into hot water with their marketing. But China’s sensitivities are nothing new, say Tom Doctoroff and Shaun Rein to OZY.┬áIt makes sense to let your China marketing vet by some China veterans, says both.

Bigger is not always better, also not in Macau – Shaun Rein

Macau tries to stay relevant by opening six new multi-billion hotels this year alone. But business analyst Shaun Rein wonders whether that is the right strategy. Bigger is not always better, he tells the South China Morning Post.

Why Macau is losing business – Shaun Rein

Chinese consumers have different requirements from what most international companies are used to. Gambling hotspot Macau is a clear illustration, says branding expert Shaun Rein, where an imitation of Las Vegas fell flat, he tells in Forbes, although it is a must go for mainland tourists, they miss a lot of business.

Macau casino’s boom despite limitations – Wei Gu

Gambling in Macau is booming, despite a lack of table, China’s anti-corruption drive and a strict visa policy, learns WSJ’s wealth editor Wei Gu from Aaron Fisher of CLSA. Gambling in Macau is worth 40 billion US dollar and might overtake the whole of the US in the coming years.

What can Macau learn from Las Vegas – Ben Cavender

Gambling enclave Macau faces some stagnation and looks with envy how its US counterpart Las Vegas is doing. Business analyst Ben Cavender tells the Macau Business Daily how Macau can follow in the footsteps of America’s iconic gambling city.

Why Macau needs a rebrand – Ben Cavender

Macau used to be the first spot for Chinese to gamble with their money. But the enclave is losing its attraction and business analyst Ben Cavender looked at the reasons why Macau is losing its competitive edge to other regional hotspots, at They should offer more that just gambling for the hard core addict, he says.