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Big data: a small window of opportunity in China – William Bao Bean

Startups should not expect to find the Promised Land in China, told VC-veteran William Bao Bean an investment conference on China in Tel Aviv last month. 95 percent of you should not be here, he told according to the Times of Israel. With one exceptions: Chinese internet companies cannot deal with algorithms. They urgently need mathematicians.

Don´t try China without unfair advantage – William Bao Bean

“Should I bother to come to China, people ask often, The answer generally is: No.” William Bao Bean talks to a group of Israeli startups in Tel Aviv. “When you use your gut feeling in China, you are mostly wrong. In China technology is not important, its about cash, friends or both.” Lessons from a seasoned investor, who says you can only succeed if you have an “unfair advantage”.

Innovation: China needs it, Israel has it – Mark Schaub

Business between China and Israel is brisk, and that is partly caused by the fact that both economies supplement each other. Where China needs innovation, Israel needs a sizable market to sell its innovations, a market it does not have among its hostile neighbors. Shanghai-based lawyer Mark Schaub just returned from his latest trip to Israel and made this overview.

The close relationship between Chinese and Jews – Michael Justin Lee

The recent gift of China’s richest man Li Ka-shing to Israel’s leading engineering university, the Technion, is not really coming as a surprise, argues Michael Justin Lee in the Washington Times. “To say that China respects Israel would be a tremendous understatement.”

What’s China’s position in the Middle-East? – Michael Justin Lee

China’s position towards Syria in the UN security council is not very clear. Michael Justin Lee looks in The Jerusalem Post into the underlying relationship with Israel, and its long-standing relationship with the jews.

Bright Food looking for acquisitions – Ben Cavender

The Bright Food Group has been looking for international acquisitions to accommodate Chinese hunger, and has recently started talks with Israel-based Tnuva Foods. After erstwhile favorite New Zealand’s Fonterra ran into problems, Europe and other countries have come on their agenda, explains business analyst Ben Cavender in the Wall Street Journal.