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US-China visa deal: how the agencies get hit – Wei Gu

The recent deal between the US and China to allow their citizens visas for up to ten years might be win-win for most, the visa agencies are hit severely, writes WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu in Dow Jones. Emigrating services for Chinese are under pressure.

The Boeing hacking charges – Wendell Minnick

The FBI accused the Chinese citizens, including Su Bin (Stephen Su), owner of Lode-Technology, last month of hacking into US military projects. Defense analyst Wendell Minnick had a look at the FBI-document detailing the accusations for Defense News.

Education, first step in emigration process of the rich – Rupert Hoogewerf

When China´s rich set up shop abroad, they often follow a pattern, explains Hurun founder Rupert Hoogewerf in the China Daily. The first step in that process is sending their children to a specific country, to explore the situation. That is why education is a key tool for the emigration process.

Why I decided to leave Shanghai – Marc van der Chijs

A tougher business climate, poor internet connections and other problems did not deter serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs from working in Shanghai. But when his son started coughing, he left for Vancouver, Canada. The pollution was too much, he tells The Vancouver Sun.

Size matters for mainland start-ups – Marc van der Chijs

In China start-ups are successful and huge, or you fail, there is no way in between, says serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs in the Wall Street Journal. His success was video-sharing company Tudou, other ventures saw more trouble.

Why I left China – Marc van der Chijs

Foreigners have always been leaving China, but every now and then a high-profile departure hits the headlines. In CNN formerly Shanghai-based entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs explains why he left for Vancouver, Canada.

More money, less happiness for China’s rich – Rupert Hoogewerf

Money does not make happy, says the saying. China’s rich are now discovering that truth as the latest Hurun report indicates a dropping happiness among China’s rich. Insecurity is on the rise, tells Hurun founder Rupert Hoogewerf in CNN.

Frank Feather joins China Speakers Bureau

Senior Canadian business advisor Frank Feather has decided to join the China Speakers Bureau.

Frank Feather is a special China advisor to the Chinese government for 27-year. working with Ministry of Science and Technology. He is still advising the Development Research Center the top State Council think tank responsible for policy research and strategic review

Feather, Frank

Frank Feather has been a Special Advisor to the Chinese Government on economic modernization and market reform for 27 years. He works with China’s top think tanks under the State Council, and many of his ideas and strategies have contributed to China’s spectacular economic progress. He travels from Toronto, Canada.