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Government restrictions push sales big-ticket items – Shaun Rein

China’s efforts to cool the economy make it harder for the country’s millionaires and billionaires to spend their capital, writes Shaun Rein in CNBC. So, what do they do when they can only buy one house? They buy a really huge one.

Baidu is not ruled by the communist party – Kaiser Kuo

Foreign journalists visiting the headquarters of Baidu in Beijing, China’s largest search engine, might be up for a surprise, as they are met by rock musician Kaiser Kuo, also spokesperson of Google’s competitor. Here is a part of the report by Jordan Pouille in Metro.

Imbalance, not overpopulation is our problem – Zhang Juwei

Even China’s mostly optimistic People’s Daily, the Communist Party newspaper, admits the country has a problem with its demographics, after the results of the latest census appeared. Huge imbalances are China’s largest problem, tells Zhang Juwei in MSNBC, no longer overpopulation.

On headbangers and metal in China – Kaiser Kuo

In a short documentary rock musician Kaiser Kuo recalls the emergence of headbangers and metal in China, and the famous band Tang Dynasty. You can read his story also in our book: A Changing China.

No room for high-risk innovation – Arthur Kroeber

Is China becoming an innovative force? Arthur Kroeber belongs to the bears in this debate, he tells Reuters, as the academic climate in the country is too much constrained. Not only lack of intellectual property protection and a failing educational system holds innovation back.

The pros and cons of Renren’s IPO – Jeremy Goldkorn

The valuation of China’s leading social network Renren has done up dramatically just ahead of its IPO on Wednesday. Jeremy Goldkorn explains in Seeking Alpha why both excitement and caution should lead the investors.

Labor shortage will cause stagnation – Zhang Juwei

China’s economy will face stagnation in the short term because of the ongoing shortage of labor, tells CASS-professor Zhang Juwei state news agency Xinhua in a dispatch about the effect of aging.

Idea hunters go to Beijing – Bill Fischer

Bill Fischer When you are looking for smart ideas in China, go to Beijing, rather than Shanghai or Guangzhou, writes IMD business professor Bill Fischer of technology managementĀ in the Business…

Inflation undermines consumer confidence – Arthur Kroeber

Arthur Kroeber by Fantake via Flickr China’s government is placing its bets on increasing domestic spending by consumers, tells Arther Kroeber in The Guardian. But the inflation seems to be…

85,000 Chinese millionaires more – Rupert Hoogewerf

Rupert Hoogewerf The number of Chinese millionaires has increased in one year time by almost 10 percent, to 960,000. The number of super rich, those have over USĀ§15 million in…