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Chinese tourists, beyond the cliches – Roy Graff

Chinese tourists not only boom in numbers, they are much harder to understand, as their wishes diversify. China hospitality expert Roy Graff discusses at the China Weekly Hangout the place of governments, travel agents and the tourists themselves.

Why Australia is dropping as a favorite tourist destination – Rupert Hoogewerf

Australia has been dropping on the list of favorite destinations for Chinese tourists, reports the Brisbane Times. China Rich list composer Rupert Hoogewerf explains why other destinations like the France, Singapore, Italy, the UK, the US and Switzerland are today doing better.

China’s changing dreams – Shaun Rein

Dreams about the future have been important for China and the Chinese over the past decades, but what they dream about has been changing dramatically. Business analyst Shaun Rein discussed those changing dream with Daftblogger, and the increased search for quality.

Australia goes easy on China’s military rise

In its 2013 Defence white paper Australia is not seeing China as an adversary, but picks a position between the two power blocks, the US and China, notes military analyst Wendell Minnick in Defense News. In China it sees “a strategic partner”.

New: second homes for Chinese – Wei Gu

Wei Gu An emerging market for second homes, for holiday or retirement, is developing among rich Chinese, tells WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu. Zhuhai, Taiwan and Haikou are doing well,…

Will the Aussies go to war with China for a US doctrine? – Wendell Minnick

Military analyst Wendell Minnick discusses in Defense Newsthe emerging US “AirSea Battle doctrine and the so-called Asia Pivot, many in the Asia-Pacific are asking for clarification on a subject that could involve them in an unnecessary war with China.” A review of a paper by Benjamin Schreer, a senior analyst for Defence Strategy at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

More money, less happiness for China’s rich – Rupert Hoogewerf

Money does not make happy, says the saying. China’s rich are now discovering that truth as the latest Hurun report indicates a dropping happiness among China’s rich. Insecurity is on the rise, tells Hurun founder Rupert Hoogewerf in CNN.

Chinese millionaires swamp Britain – Rupert Hoogewerf

The UK might be lagging when it comes to attracting average Chinese tourists, the country is certainly successful in attracting the wealthy section of the Chinese. Key driver were the Olympics, estimates Hurun rich list founder Rupert Hoogewerf in the Telegraph.

Visa rules still hamper Chinese tourists – Roy Graff

Tourist offices worldwide compete to get more heavy-spending Chinese to their countries, but strict visa rules remain the no.1 barrier on the road for traveling Chinese, writes hospitality specialist Roy Graff in ChinaContact. But things are getting better.

Winners of the October Golden Week – Roy Graff

The October holiday saw many new records in the tourism industry, as Chinese consumers went abroad in unprecedented number. Hospitality expert Roy Graff collected the numbers of winners and losers of the US$ 7.7 bn extravaganza for ChinaContact.