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Shadow banking expert Sara Hsu joins China Speakers Bureau

The China Speakers Bureau is happy to include Sara Hsu, offering our financial clients a unique insight in this unique feature. She will soon participate in one of our China Weekly Hangouts to discuss shadow banking in China.

China not facing a Lehman moment now – Shaun Rein

The central government is actively going after its major state-owned banks for ‘violations’ in its lending policies, indicating concern about the direction of China’s financial system. China is not yet facing a Lehman moment, tells business analyst Shaun Rein the BBC, but action is needed.

The push and pull between banks and regulators on lending – Wei Gu

WSJ Wealth editor Wei Gu discusses with May Yan of Barclays whether the current lending spree is a sign of economic recovery, and what the chances are of the financial regulators to move into the market and curb lending again.

Old hands take over finance regulators – Wei Gu

While the world was watching new party leader Xi Jinping taking the stage, real changes are taking place at the lower tiers. Reuters’ Breakingviews columnist Wei Gu describes how the old guard is taking over positions at the financial regulators. Experience wins from reform.

Renminbi, not expected to go global soon – Victor Shih

China’s currency the Renminbi is not going to be a global reserve currency soon, and perhaps not in a very long time, writes political science professor Victor Shih (co-authored with Susan Shirk) in Foreign Policy.

China’s savings, not banking products, caused financial crisis – Heleen Mees

The first summaries of economist Heleen Mees’ PhD in Dutch media caused already a little uproar this week. Not evil banking products, but China’s high savings rate are the base of the ongoing financial crisis, is the short story. The whole story is slightly more complicated.

The outflow of capital, China’s new banking challenges – Victor Shih

Chinese banks bought in January 140 bn RMB worth of foreign exchange, but despite this hiccup, money leaving China is the real challenge for its banks, writes financial expert Victor Shih in the Financial Times.

Relaxing money lending is the wrong policy – Shaun Rein

In a surprise move China’s financial authorities decided last week to abandon their tight money lending policy and losend the reigns for its banks again. Wrong policy, says business analyst Shaun Rein in CNBC, who has been praising the government handling of inflation and overspending in the past.

China should not ease lending too fast – Victor Shih

Dropping inflation, a bumper harvest, falling food prices and other good financial news does not mean China’s financial institutions should leave their policies of tight lending, writes financial analyst Victor Shih in the Financial Times.

Why the US needs China to manipulate its currency – Janet Carmosky

Because China has a trade deficit, it has to buy treasury bonds, Janet Carmosky explains in the next sequel of “China What?”. Some American politicians want China to stop buying those bonds, but it is not in the interest of the US citizens when China stops doing that, says Carmosky.