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The interaction between political and financial elites – Victor Shih

Scholar Victor Shih is interviewed by the China Daily, on how he analyzed the links between different factions in China´s politics. A dive into China´s capital markets since 2009, achieved Victor Shih high praise as one of the first to document China´s serious debts.

China´s finance, between bears and bulls – Sara Hsu

Last year China promised it would not bail out its unruly financial sector. It still did. It promised swiping financial reforms. They did not materialize. Financial analyst Sara Hsu discusses the current state of China´s finance and what the government should do. Asking questions are Chao Pan and Fons Tuinstra.

Yi Gang has best cards to become PBOC-governor – Victor Shih

Speculations have been mounting the current governor or China´s central bank PBOC, Zhou Xiaochuan, is up for retirement soon. Bloomberg asked financial experts who they expect might be the next central banker. Financial expert Victor Shih explains why he puts his cards on Yi Gang.

Reform is more needed than a financial stimulus – Sara Hsu

The People´s Bank of China, the central bank, recently pushed 100 billion Renminbi to its five largest banks to stimulate the economy. But China´s economy rather needs reforms than more capital, argues financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat.

New tools for China´s central bankers – Sara Hsu

One of the reforms in China have changed the way it´s central bank is operating, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. A new set of tools allows the bankers to be more creative.

The offshore Renminbi trade – Sara Hsu

Lower barriers to capital accounts, make it easier to trade in China´s currency, the Renminbi. Offshore trading centers expand, at the country builds up it financial leverage. Financial analyst Sara Hsu has a look at the expanding RMB clearance banks in the Diplomat. After Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt and Seoul, Paris and Luxembourg followed.

Changed rules for the Renminbi – Arthur Kroeber

The way the central government is ruling its currency, the Renminbi, has changed profoundly over the past months. Economist Arthur Kroeber argues in the Brookings Institute that the rules for the currency have changed profoundly.

Cautiously positive about China´s financial reforms – Sara Hsu

Financial analysts Sara Hsu has been predicting doomsday scenario´s for China´s financial stability in the past. But the announced financial reforms have made her carefully optimistic about the direction the country is taking, she writes in the China Brief.

Making sense out of PBOC´s policies – Sara Hsu

Financial analyst Sara Hsu tries to make sense out of the long list of policy changes the central bank, the People´s Bank of China (PBOC) has announced in the past year, under the Xi-Li government. “Right now, the opaque is becoming more transparent,” she writes in The Diplomat.

Bitcoin: still going strong – Marc van der Chijs

In China the financial authorities have come close to a ban of the Bitcoin, and the news in general has been negative. But China entrepreneur and Bitcoin enthusiast Marc van de Chijs explains on his weblog why the crypto-currency is likely to keep on shaking the financial markets.