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Alibaba is not in real trouble with US stock regulator – Paul Gillis

Alibaba´s shares fell when it disclosed the US stock regulator has asked some questions about its accounting practices, especially the relations with its logistical partner Cainiao Network. But, says accounting professor Paul Gillis to Bloomberg, there is no reason to expect real problems.

Lagging government oversight helps Chinese cowboys in the US – Paul Gillis

Bounty hunters help Wall Street investors to hunt fraudulent Chinese crooks, reports the New York Times. The Wild-west equivalent emerged because both US and Chinese government did not do their jobs in going after them, says Beida professor Paul Gillis.

Reversed mergers market in US drying up – Paul Gillis

Hundred of smaller Chinese firms entered the US stock markets through reversed mergers, looking for an easy way to get access to capital. But changed regulations and weary US investors have likely killed that market, tells accounting professor Paul Gillis in the South China Morning Post.

Short selling campaigns against Chinese firms – Paul Gillis

Accountant professor Paul Gillis will teach this fall a course on short selling campaigns against Chinese firms at Peking University. At his weblog he summarizes some conclusions. After a few bad years, this highly attractive business is back again.

The Singapore solution for China´s stock woes – Paul Gillis

Getting listed is notorious difficult for Chinese companies, because getting permissions in mainland China is tough. But there is hope, writes professor Paul Gillis in the Wall Street Journal, as regulators in China and Singapore recently signed an agreement to let private companies list directly. Now such an agreement is needed between China and the US.

Baidu: 2011 best employer for students – Kaiser Kuo

Internet search engine Baidu is now the most-wanted employer for graduates from Beijing’s top universities, writes their director communication Kaiser Kuo on their weblog Baidu Beat. Job search engine Zhaopin listed the internet company as the 2011 Best Employer.

Locusts and running dogs in Hong Kong – Zhang Lijia

Celebrity author Zhang Lijia dives on her weblog into the argument between Chinese from Hong Kong and those on the mainland, who have been denouncing each other, calling the mainlanders ‘locusts’, while professor Kong Qingsheng from Peking University called the Hongkongnese ‘running dogs’.

Idea hunters go to Beijing – Bill Fischer

Bill Fischer When you are looking for smart ideas in China, go to Beijing, rather than Shanghai or Guangzhou, writes IMD business professor Bill Fischer of technology management in the Business…

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