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Chinese luxury travelers: biggest spenders of the world – Rupert Hoogewerf

What many assumed, has this week been verified by the Hurun China Rich List, founded by Rupert Hoogewerf: Chinese travelers spend more during their trips than tourists of any other country on luxury goods. Negative: they travel less than in the past, write a range of publications.

Best from Britain? Education – Rupert Hoogewerf

Of all the assets Britain can provide top Chinese business people, education has the largest personal appeal, tells China’s Rich list producer Rupert Hoogewerf to The Standard.

What is China doing right? – Jeremy Goldkorn

The indispensable Chinafile asked some of its authors to list what is going right in China, after many obvious stories about what is going wrong. Danwei-founder Jeremy Goldkorn submitted a pretty long list, and this is how it starts.

Writing on China’s seedy past – Paul French

“A chronicler of China’s seedy past,” author Paul French is called in a raving review in The Atlantic. His latest book “Midnight in Peking” became a candidate for the Edgar Award in the “Best Fact Crime” category.

China’s middle class is in saving mode – Paul French

The dip in China’s economic growth is caused by a more careful group of consumers, who face increased prices, tells retail analyst Paul French in the Globe and Mail. And the reduction in spending on luxury goods is here to stay for a long time, he adds.

KFC at last deals with the internet buzz – Sam Flemming

When the KFC in China got hit by a food scandal, it took a while before they took on the inevitable buzz at the internet, says internet watcher Sam Flemming in Adage. But now they have started to face the issue directly.

The charm of Beijing, despite the smog – Zhang Lijia

Not deterred by the ongoing heavy smog in Beijing. author Zhang Lijia took of with her Polish friend Kaisa to explore the capital. The charm of the city cannot be buried by the smog, she argues on het weblog.

Apple is the new Blackberry in China – Shaun Rein

Apple’s Tim Cook might have been visiting telecom giant China Mobile, but business analyst Shaun Rein explains in Bloomberg why a deal is very unlikely. “Apple might become the Blackberry of China.”

China dominates global rich-women list – Rupert Hoogewerf

China’s women might not make it into the country’s ruling Politburo, they do dominate the global self-made rich women list, says Hurun rich list founder Rupert Hoogewerf in the China Daily. “The are like the Chinese ping-pong team, unbeatable.”

Anti-China hysteria in US “concerning” – Shaun Rein

China is under attack in the weeks ahead of US presidential elections, yesterday as the US Congress panel released its report on telecommunication giants Huawei and ZTE. Business analyst Shaun Rein tells at The Takeaway is he concerned about the growing hysteria.