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Best wishes for 2015

Fast the year 2014 is rushing to its end, something you might easily forget if you focus on the Chinese New Year, that is only taking place in February. But the rest of the world is slowing down, and so does the China Speakers Bureau.

Our digital radar is temporarily out of order

One of the tools we are happy to use at the China Speakers Bureau is our digital radar. In a combination of rss-feeds from Google news and a good rss-reader (currently INO-reader), we see when our speakers pop up online, often before those speakers have noticed that themselves.

At least, that was the practice until earlier this week. Now our digital radar seems to be broken. Hundreds of feeds are flooding in, sometimes articles from 2005. What is worse: we have not yet a clue what is causing this problem.

Summer break and a temporary slowdown

  Summer is now fully upon us and – as you might have noticed – the regular stream of updates from our speakers has dropped sensationally. While China officially has…

Best wishes for the New Year of the Wooden Horse

China┬┤s New Year celebrations are already in full swing, and in a few days the Year of the Wooden (actually the Green Wooden) Horse will arrive. The China Speakers Bureau wishes all its speakers, clients and other the best for the coming year, health and prosperity.

Three questions on Xi Jinping’s economic reforms – Arthur Kroeber

Xi Jinping’s ambitious reform program is answering some of the questions analyst have been asking since the new president took power, writes economist Arthur Kroeber for Brookings. Although his program might not satisfy market fundamentalists.

Entrepreneurs shift focus to investment strategies – Rupert Hoogewerf

China’s entrepreneurs are moving from their core manufacturing to investment strategies, as the country’s economy is shifting, says China Rich List producer Rupert Hoogewerf in ECNS.CN.

North Korea: bad business for China – Michael Justin Lee

Signs are strong that North-Korea is preparing for another rocket launch. And although that is bad news, suggests Michael Justin Lee in the Washington Times, it might help China and the US to get closer to each others. China is not as close with North-Korea as some thing, he says.

Tough decisions for China’s leadership ahead – Sara Hsu

In October China’s leadership has to decide about some tough economic dilemma’s. Financial expert Sara Hsu paints at Triple-Crisis some of the options to avoid a failure of the efforts to shift from an investment-driven to a consumption-driven economy.

Facial masks, another score for L’Oreal – Ben Cavender

The French L’Oreal groups bought China’s leading facial masks group Magic Holdings. A brilliant move, says retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily, in a fast growing market segment.

Why Australia is dropping as a favorite tourist destination – Rupert Hoogewerf

Australia has been dropping on the list of favorite destinations for Chinese tourists, reports the Brisbane Times. China Rich list composer Rupert Hoogewerf explains why other destinations like the France, Singapore, Italy, the UK, the US and Switzerland are today doing better.