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Holding office in Amsterdam on May 14, 15

The China Speakers Bureau is holding office in Amsterdam for a few days, on May 14 and 15. We have time slots available for additional meetings on the afternoon of…

Religious crackdown: part of controlling civil society by the state – Ian Johnson

The crackdown on two of five churches has not so much to do with religion, but is part of the government to control civil society, says journalist Ian Johnson, author of┬áThe Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao, including NGO’s and others outside government control, at CNN.

Summer is kicking in

Officially the summer has started, and June has been a crazy busy month up to now at the China Speakers Bureau. But we know that in another few weeks the…

How Europe rules disrupt our online routine

It is Friday 25 May and officially the new European rules on internet connectivity kick in. Despite a flow of messages and warnings, we did not expect it would seriously…

Limited telecom access Europe office China Speakers Bureau

Next week telecom access of the Europe office of the China Speakers Bureau will be limited and part of the week fully cut off. Our telecom provider will replace cables from Tuesday 14 March to (and including) Thursday 16 March during office hours.

James Roy joins China Speakers Bureau

James Roy of the renowned China Market Research Group has joined the China Speakers Bureau.

James is an associate principal and focuses on retail operations and consumer good companies. He has more than ten years of China experience under his belt. He has worked with retail clients including KFC, Hugo Boss, Shanghai Tang, Chloe, MCM, Ashley Furniture, and Groupe Adeo.

Happy Holidays

2016 is approaching fast, and so we want to take the opportunity to wish you all the best in the upcoming Year of the Monkey. If 2016 is going to…

National holiday 2015

China is celebrating its annual week-long holiday that will end at October 8. We wish all those in China a well-deserved break from some hectic months. The China Speakers Bureau will remain open for business, but we might be a bit less responsive than normal.

Preparing for a summer break

After a hectic June, the China Speakers Bureau is preparing for a sun-induced slow down. While Asia and the US officially have no summer break – unlike Europe where we now even suffer from a heatwave – business tends to slowdown till early August across the continents.

Happy Chinese New Year

The Year of the Goat is approaching fast, and the China Speakers Bureau wants to take the opportunity to wish its clients, speakers and other stake holders all the best for the upcoming year. 2015 has already started great, and we do not see how the goat could interfere with that.