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Foreign firms make fewer mistakes entering China – Tom Doctoroff

One of the changes advertising guru Tom Doctoroff saw in his twenty years in China is that foreign companies are making fewer mistakes, when they try to get to the Chinese consumers, he writes in the Huffington Post. They are (mostly) better in aligning with Chinese preferences.

More losers than winners in fashion brands – Shaun Rein

H&M and Zara might be winners in the competitive fashion market in China, tells author Shaun Rein of “The End of Cheap China” to the BBC. But brands like Gap, Marks & Spencer, American Apparel, Abercrombie & Fitch and Banana Republic belong to the majority of the losers.

Chinese consumers are buying status – Paul French

For many the purchasing habits of Chinese consumers are hard to gauge. Retail expert Paul French tells in The Telegraph why Chinese buy what and were. “Chinese consumers are still buying status.” But what gives status, might vary from other consumers.

Shut up and shop, patriotism in China – Paul French

Being a patriot in China has become much easier, now the government focuses on increasing domestic consumption, writes retail analyst Paul French in The Telegraph. “All they have to do now is shop, shut up and then go shop some more.”

‘Made in China’ tries to become fashionable – Paul French

China’s fashion brands looked with envy how foreign brands were conquering Chinese consumers, writes Globe and Mail, but they are moving fast to catch up. “We are waiting for China’s Zara,” says retail analyst Paul French.

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