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Why BuzzFeed is likely to fail in China – Shaun Rein

News aggregator Jinri Toutiao agrees to distribute content from American media outlet BuzzFeed to a Chinese audience, the Sixth Tone reports. After failures to start media operations in China by Rupert Murdoch, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Time Warner and Viacom – to mention a few – you can see business analyst Shaun Rein, author of The War for China’s Wallet: Profiting from the New World Order shaking his head in disbelieve, as he comments on the move.

The war between US and Chinese platforms – Jeffrey Towson

Chinese platforms are going global: Ctrip, Didi, Alibaba, Baidu, UnionPay. Global platforms try to enter China: Airbnbn, Uber, Google, Facebook. Peking University business professor Jeffrey Towson welcomes us to the US-China platform war, and explores on his LinkedIn page the battle field.

Why China is the tech place to be – William Bao Bean

Since tech innovator William Bao Bean has joined early 2015 the ChinaAccelerator, a global venture accelerator in Shanghai, a stream of exciting events has developed. In Technode he explains why China is now the place to be for technological innovation.

Closing the Yahoo Beijing office only makes sense – Shaun Rein

Yahoo has announced it will close its remaining Beijing R&D facility. A move that only makes sense, given the poor shape the former internet giant is in now, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in Livemint. 300 People are going to lose their jobs.

Alibaba: great numbers, despite growing competition – Shaun Rein

Alibaba´s IPO is nearing, and their latest figures are great, tells business analyst Shaun Rein at Bloomberg TV, boosting even Yahoo´s results. But competition in China by Tencent is growing, making Alibaba not the only player in the country´s e-commerce.

Why the New York Times heads for an internet block – Marc van der Chijs

The New York Times started an online edition in simplified Chinese to lure luxury good advertisers. A commendable move, writes serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs on his weblog, but also a receipt for disaster, as an internet block seems unavoidable.

Why Google blew it for Facebook in China – Shaun Rein

When Google decided to withdraw its search engine from China, it was not just a corporate decision, but had large repercussions inside the country’s government too, explains business analyst Shaun Rein in the Pandodaily.

Why Jack Ma will not buy Yahoo – Helen Wang

Author Helen Wang attended the much-debated speech of Alibaba’s Jack Ma at Stanford, where he discussed – among others – the purchase of Yahoo. Helen Wang explains in Forbes why he said he would be interested, but will in fact never buy Yahoo.

Yahoo: Alibaba’s gateway into the US market? – Marc van der Chijs

Alibaba’s CEO Jack Ma, the leading e-commerce site in China, made some waves by suggesting he might be buying the struggling US-site Yahoo. Serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs discusses on his weblog how Alibaba could use Yahoo to get into the US market.

How Ebay failed in China – Helen Wang

Jack Ma of Alibaba In the slipstream of the most recent Yahoo–Alibaba brawl Helen Wang recalls the long-standing tradition of failure Yahoo’s ecommerce site Ebay had in China. From an…