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Foreign firms make fewer mistakes entering China – Tom Doctoroff

One of the changes advertising guru Tom Doctoroff saw in his twenty years in China is that foreign companies are making fewer mistakes, when they try to get to the Chinese consumers, he writes in the Huffington Post. They are (mostly) better in aligning with Chinese preferences.

What is cool in China (not Apple) – Shaun Rein

Shanghai-based Retail analyst Shaun Rein takes Reuters on a cool brand tour in his city, as Apple keeps on losing its position. A few of the winners in this entertaining video: Starbucks and Adidas.

Starbucks: lifestyle and aspiration, no beans – Paul French

Starbucks is doing a stellar job in the China market. But not by selling coffee, says retail analyst Paul French. They are selling a lifestyle, no beans, he tells in The Province.

Learning from Burger King’s missteps – Helen Wang

Burger King had a hard time setting up shop in China, but seems finally to be able to get the country. China consultant Helen Wang explains on her weblog a few of the mistakes the US chain made, and what we can learn from it. One lesson: work from China, not Singapore.

Spending under pressure in uncertain times – Tom Doctoroff

While the world’s economies are stagnating, many look at the Chinese consumers as the only place where spending is still high on the agenda. But getting money out of the…

Starbucks: a symbol of wealth – Paul French

In China Starbucks is not a place where you only fetch coffee, it is a symbol you have made it, as a person, and as a city where the global chain sets up shop, tells retail analyst Paul French in Adage.

Why did Starbucks win in China? – Helen Wang

Starbucks introduced a winning chain of coffee shops in a country of tea drinkers. Author Helen Wang analyses what the US company did right and found five key reasons, she explains in Forbes. First, they started to look smart.

Jiang Zemin still in the succession game – Victor Shih

Former China president Jiang Zemin made a surprise appearance in Beijing last month and is certainly a complicating factor in the ongoing succession games, tells political analyst Victor Shih in Today Online.

Fake eyelashes hit China – Bill Dodson

Profound changes are sometimes illustrated by very small changes, like fake eyelashes, China veteran Bill Dodson discovered in his favorite Starbucks in Suzhou, where his favorite waitress underwent a change, he reports on his weblog.

The opportunities of “The End of Cheap China” – Shaun Rein

The changes described in business analyst Shaun Rein’s bestseller ‘The End of Cheap China”, offers not only challenges, but also opportunities, writes Seeking Alpha in a review of the book.