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Diving into China business strategies

China’s companies are going global in a fast speed. A few decades ago China was only a few percent of the global economy, but those days are far behind us. What happens in China, now has global impact, and what Chinese companies do, cannot be ignored.

How to deal with Chinese investors?

How to deal with Chinese investors? That question is asked more frequently by government agencies, startups, larger and smaller companies outside China, and even soccer clubs. Capital is flowing over from China to the rest of the world, partly through the massive One Belt, One Road (OBOR) investment program. But many Chinese companies, private and state-owned, also have their own investment agenda.

At the China Speakers Bureau, we offer a range of speakers who can help you to deal with that question. There might not be one answer, but as China’s economic standing in the world changes, looking for possible answers becomes more crucial for the world outside China.

More is needed to reform state-owned companies – Arthur Kroeber

President Xi Jinping┬┤s economic reform seem to include also the powerful state-owned companies, by allowing private investors to invest in the SOE. But much more is need to call it real reforms, tells economist Arthur Kroeber to Reuters.

Going cheap did not help Sinopec – Wei Gu

Sinopec’s bid to purchase China Gas for US$2.2 billion failed because the state-owned giant offered too little for the private company. Its low bid did not help, writes Reuters’ columnist Wei Gu about the deal in BreakingViews.