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China’s internet “freer than ever” – Jeremy Goldkorn

The internet in China might face yet another clampdown by the authorities, internet veteran Jeremy Goldkorn points out in USA Today that despite those actions, China’s internet is freer than ever, although microblog services of Tencent and Sina had to hold commenting temporary.

Integration key for Nokia – Benjamin Joffe

Nokia faces stiff local competition from domestic phone makers in China, and key for its success is the integration of services like social networks and ecommerce, tells strategy consultant Benjamin Joffe in “InFlexWeTrust.”

The shot across the bows of internet companies – Jeremy Goldkorn

After weeks of flying rumors on the internet, China’s authorities moved in to curtail stories on disposed leader Bo Xilai and even about a coup d’etat. Internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn guides us in The Guardian through the political minefield.

Baidu gets Tencent’s weibo in search results – Kaiser Kuo

China’s leading search engine Baidu now includes Tencent’s microblogs in its search results, tells Baidu’s communication director Kaiser Kuo on its weblog Baidu Beat. Search and social media get one step closer in China.

Will ‘real name’ policy threaten online discourse? – Tricia Wang

China’s internet users baptized the National People’s Congress as the “Beijing Fashion Week”, as a barely veiled excuse to deliver sarcastic comments, writes sociologist Tricia Wang (with co-author An Xiao Mina) in Wired. But that might be over when the ‘real name’ policy kicks in this week.

New rules won’t kill weibo – Jeremy Goldkorn

China’s authorities try to curtail the internet and especially try to implement a ‘real-name’ policy for online debate. But internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn does not see the end of the internet in China as we know it, he tells in the Voice of America.

Top 5 most-read stories for 2011

The end of 2011 is nearing, a good time to see what stories from our speakers triggered off most interest in the past year. Since we have a look at the stats for a whole year, we miss a few recent stories that are making waves. For example, Tricia Wang’s story about her life as a street vendor has appealed to many who are in a Christmas mood.

Changing China trends on innovation – Bill Fischer

China has a poor record on value-creation and capturing value of innovation outside the country itself. But times are changing, very fast, suggest IMD-professor Bill Fischer on the website Management-Issues. China might surprise the world again.

How does Sina weibo fits into China’s media landscape? – Sam Flemming

Sina Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, fits exactly into the media landscape of this moment, tells CIC-founder Sam Flemming in Thoughtful. On top of it, if offers tools for anonymous conversation, private groups and business pages, and is an instant hit among internet users.

China’s rich prefer homes over stocks – Shaun Rein

Poor accounting standards in China make Chinese investors very weary of stocks in any Chinese company, business analyst Shaun Rein discovered in his research. In CNBC he explains why they prefer real estate, even though the government tries to cool down the industry.