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China’s unique social media landscape – Sam Flemming

A common mistake outside observers make is taking their own social media experience, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, as the reference point for what is happening in China. Wrong, tells CIC-president Sam Flemming in China Innovation. China has a unique social media landscape.

A successful Leninist strategy for the internet – Jeremy Goldkorn

The cat and mouse game between China’s internet users and its government is well documented. But who is winning the struggle is less clear. According to internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn the government has won, he explains in GlobalPost.

Weibo-Alibaba teaming up is a good idea – Wei Gu

The announcement that Alibaba, the China’s largest e-commerce company, buys a minority share into Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, is a win-win situation for both, writes financial analyst Wei Gu in Reuters’ Breakingviews.

The two masters of China’s internet companies – Kaiser Kuo

Not only the government, but also the internet users are the masters China’s internet companies have to listen to, explains Baidu’s director for international communication Kaiser Kuo in Yale Global. On how the country’s public sphere is developing.

The genuine debate on Weibo – Jeremy Goldkorn

China’s lively micro-blogging services might have to face internet controls, but that does not mean the national and local debate is curtailed, explains internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn to Australia’s ABC.

Blocking US consulate’s weibo account “no technical glitch” – Jeremy Goldkorn

When earlier in the week the Sina Weibo account of the US consulate in Shanghai was blocked, theories varied. Was it a mistake by Sina? Was it a political provocation by the Chinese authorities? It was certainly not technical glitch, says internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn in VOA.

What do Chinese internet users really want – Sam Flemming

They do not care about the censorship and are not longing for Twitter or Facebook. Group buying has been invented in China, and crowd sources is old news for them. Internet guru Sam Flemming takes on a few misconceptions about China’s internet users in the Pandodaily.

Weibo, a force in the public debate – Jeremy Goldkorn

Weibo, China’s twitter-like microblog, is changing the public debate very fast, tells internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn in The National. Even authorities have problems in taming the digital beast, he says.

Why Sina Weibo is a winner, despite rules – Jeremy Goldkorn

Despite much domestic competition, the twitter-like service Sina Weibo is technical better and offering most interesting conversations,tells internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn in the Artman Talks. And why the ‘real name registration’ did not really work.

The government balancing act on the Internet – Jeremy Goldkorn

It took China’s internet censors weeks to crack down on the internet after the rumors surrounding the now disposed leader Bo Xilai started to make their rounds. But that should not be seen as a trend towards liberalization, tells internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn Bloomberg.