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Is price-fixing really an issue? – Paul French

A larger number of foreign companies have been accused of price-fixing. For all the wrong reasons, and based on little proof, argues author Paul French in Ethical Corporation. They include “Unilever, Qualcomm, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Chrysler, Microsoft, BMW, Nike, a whole bunch of Japanese car parts manufacturers and quite a few other corporations”.

Gaming companies can win now at Shanghai Free Trade Zone – Mark Schaub

Most attention has gone to the chances of the financial industry at the new Shanghai Free Trade Zone, but while those opportunities might occur in the long term, niche markets like gaming companies can already win today, argues lawyer Mark Schaub, Partner at King&Wood and Mallesons, in a legal note.

China hacker: between capital and the state – Tricia Wang

Prolific hacker “Wicked Rose” has turned himself into a “security professional” after years of using holes in the Microsoft Office to dig into the US Defense department. Sociologist Tricia Wang wonders in 88-bar whether Chinese hackers finding themselves a new kind of career after being discovered.

Baidu: 2011 best employer for students – Kaiser Kuo

Internet search engine Baidu is now the most-wanted employer for graduates from Beijing’s top universities, writes their director communication Kaiser Kuo on their weblog Baidu Beat. Job search engine Zhaopin listed the internet company as the 2011 Best Employer.

Labor shortage hits white-collar jobs – Shaun Rein

China’s factories are running out of labor already for years, but now also companies looking for white-collar workers have a hard time to fill in the fast-growing number of vacancies, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in BusinessWeek. And wages go up fast.

Smartphones for the masses – Tricia Wang

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop suggest that smartphones are only in reach of 10 percent of the population. Wrong, says researcher Tricia Wang, who is observing how the remaining 90 percent in China is getting ready to purchase a smartphone.

Baidu goes semantic in box search – Kaiser Kuo

China’s leading search engine Baidu is leapfrogging from Google and Bing by adding more semantics into their box search, making it much smarter, explains their spokesperson Kaiser Kuo to Penn-Olson. “Getting relevant results is even more important for mobile.”