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Fast food chains struggle for the Chinese customer – Ben Cavender

When US fast food chains entered the China market, they mostly kept rigorously to their American diet. But now they are struggling to gain share of the US$100 billion market by experimenting frantically with tastes and flavors, tells retail analyst Ben Cavender in CNNMoney.

The struggle of food companies to stay clean – Ben Cavender

A large number of retailers and restaurants from 7-Eleven to Starbucks to McDonald´s have cut ties with their meat supplier in Shanghai, as authorities forced to close its operation. Retail analyst Ben Cavender explains in the WSJ what it takes to keep supply chains clean.

McDonald´s and Yum hit by new meat scandal – Ben Cavender

An all-American meat scandal has hit Shanghai, as McDonald´s and Yum´s KFC banned their Chicago-owned supplier after authorities found out it used out-dated meat. Retail analyst Ben Cavender expects a long-term damage to both restaurant chains, he tells in the China Daily.

The KFC, McDonald’s shoot-out – Ben Cavender

Both KFC and McDonald’s have been struggling to keep market share in China by expanding fast. Localizing has become a key word, but sometimes at the expense of quality, says business analyst Ben Cavender in AdAge.

Why big macs and KFC lose out in China – Shaun Rein

Ten years ago McDonald’s was a winner in China, but with KFC the big macs are losing out. Retail analyst Shaun Rein explains to Reuters that Chinese consumers turn to domestic chains, who supply more to the aspirations of their customers.

China’s retail, moving from the big boys to the little guys – Paul French

China consumers are outspending the moderate GDP growth, but underlying changing undermine the big players in retail, as the sales increasingly go to the little guys, including e-commerce, writes retail analyst Paul French in the China Economic Review.

Searching for China’s fast food chains – Paul French

Foreign fast food chains like McDonalds and KFC are wildly popular in China, but domestic chains failed to have a similar success. Retail analyst Paul French explores in Foreign Policy why his favorite Real Kung Fu restaurant has only a few hundred outlets, while foreign competition has many thousands.

Learning from Burger King’s missteps – Helen Wang

Burger King had a hard time setting up shop in China, but seems finally to be able to get the country. China consultant Helen Wang explains on her weblog a few of the mistakes the US chain made, and what we can learn from it. One lesson: work from China, not Singapore.

Top-5 stories for August 2012

The top-5 most-read stories for August 2012. And the background of our Weekly China Hangout, starting in September. The start of a TV show with China debates.

McDonald’s healthy profile in China – Shaun Rein

Obese Americans struggling with their health might find this odd, but McDonald’s is preferred by many Chinese consumers, because its fast food is perceived to be healthy, explains Shaun Rein in NPR. Healthy according to Chinese standards, that is.