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China’s banking system: walking on a tightrope – Sara Hsu

China’s financial authorities try to manage shadow banking, corporate leveraging and now also a heated trade war. Financial analyst Sara Hsu explains how the country’s banks are walking a scary tightrope, at the EastAsiaForum.

Diving into China business strategies

China’s companies are going global in a fast speed. A few decades ago China was only a few percent of the global economy, but those days are far behind us. What happens in China, now has global impact, and what Chinese companies do, cannot be ignored.

How to deal with Chinese investors?

How to deal with Chinese investors? That question is asked more frequently by government agencies, startups, larger and smaller companies outside China, and even soccer clubs. Capital is flowing over from China to the rest of the world, partly through the massive One Belt, One Road (OBOR) investment program. But many Chinese companies, private and state-owned, also have their own investment agenda.

At the China Speakers Bureau, we offer a range of speakers who can help you to deal with that question. There might not be one answer, but as China’s economic standing in the world changes, looking for possible answers becomes more crucial for the world outside China.

Why China cannot cut its banker´s salaries – Victor Shih

China has announced it will cut salaries of key managers at its state-owned banks. A bad idea, tells political scienist and financial analyst Victor Shih in Businessweek. An exodus of bankers would cause “a big mess”.

Tencent: China´s most valuable brand in 2014 – Rupert Hoogewerf

Tencent has become China´s most valuable brand in 2014, according to the latest Hurun report. A sign private companies are taking over the previously powerful position of state-owned companies tells Hurun founder Rupert Hoogewerf in the China Daily.

What does it take to become a private banker? – Wei Gu

Private bankers are a hot commodity in Asia, although their corporate live can be tough. WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu gives aspiring wealth managers a few career advises. Being a good seller is more important than your family connections.

Growing pains of China´s shadow banking – Michael Justin Lee

At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, shadow banking loomed as a threat over China´s economic future. Financial analyst Michael Justin Lee does not agree, he writes in the ChinaUSFocus. Yes, the country has growing pains, but is not on the way to collapse.

Why a melting shadow banking system is still possible – Sara Hsu

A narrow escape from default of the USD495 million of the trust fund, organized by the ICBC for the Shanxi Zhenfu Energy Group in the last week of January, is not the end of the troubles for other trust funds, writes shadow banking expert Sara Hsu in The Diplomat. “A liquidity crisis might expose more problems.”

SME´s find it hard to get funding – Sara Hsu

January 31 is going to be a major test for the shadow banking in China, as a 3 billion RMB fund matures, without support of the larger banks. One of the main victims could be China´s SME, who had to turn to shadow banking as officials refused them funding, writes financial specialist Sara Hsu in the South China Morning Post.

Why China’s banks are different – Victor Shih

China’s banks and its bankers are totally different creatures than their Western counterparts, explains political analyst Victor Shih in Reuters. They not only closely follow the political line of the day, but are more politicians than bankers.