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Disney might win in China – James Roy

Chinese did not grow up with Mickey Mouse and Snow White, but American content might still do very well in China, says retail analyst James Roy. Even when the government…

Disneyland will help to stimulate economy – Shaun Rein

Even ahead of its official opening, the Shanghai Disneyland park looks for many the place to be. Costs might be higher, but it will add positively to consumer spending, says business analyst Shaun Rein in Bloomberg. “Every person with a kid or grandkid in China is going to go to Shanghai Disney as long as it’s big enough and good enough.”

Shanghai Disney: also engaging adults – Ben Cavender

Shanghai Disney has appointed three honory ambassadors for its park, actress Sun Li, pianist Lang Lang and former NBA basketball player Yao Ming better promote itself as a family-friendly attraction. A sign it does not only want to attract kids, but also adults, says business analyst Ben Cavender to the China Daily.

Walt Disney tries to regain its China market – Ben Cavender

Walt Disney is not only opening an entertainment park in Shanghai, but also on Wednesday the biggest retail operation ever, wit 2,000 products on 860 square meters. The company is trying to win the China market, that was dominated by counterfeits, says retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily.

Pepsi beats Coke at Shanghai Disney – Ben Cavender

PepsiCo has beaten Coca-Cola as the only coke supplier at the Shanghai Disney park, breaking a decades old alliance between Disney and Coca-Cola. The question is now whether Pepsi can leverage the tie-up outside the resort, says retail analyst Ben Cavender to Reuters.

Shanghai Disney needs to be huge – Shaun Rein

Hong Kong: too small via Wikipedia The new-to-built Shanghai Disney park should learn from the mistakes that have been made in the Hong Kong park, says Shaun Rein in Reuters….