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Hacking emails hard to link to China’s government – Jeremy Goldkorn

Is China preparing on a government level a sophisticated arms’ race, reporters in the US wonder after Gmail accounts got hacked, allegedly from a province in China. Jeremy Goldkorn of Danwei explains that linking any hacking activities to China and certainly its government is hard.

Humor as a tool against the authorities – Jeremy Goldkorn

An active and vibrant internet culture trying to push the limits, describes internet expert Jeremy Goldkorn in this video produced by the Asia Society. Humor as a tool against censorship.

The sensitive words on the internet today – Jeremy Goldkorn

Jeremy Goldkorn by Fantake via Flickr Jeremy Goldkorn of the media site Danwei explains to CNN how China’s domestic internet companies deal with sensitive issues, to prevent them from getting…

Celebrity endorsements are not trusted in China – Jeremy Goldkorn

Jeremy Goldkorn by Fantake via Flickr A Lady Diana lookalike in underwear used on Chinese advertisements shocked at least the British part of the world, but Danwei’s Jeremy Goldkorn tells…