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Unlikely: Apple giving access to China – Ben Cavender

State media hailed a deal between Apple and the Chinese government to give access to Apple devices, including the source codes. An unlikely scenario, tells business analyst Ben Cavender to QZ.

Apple treats Chinese as second-class citizens – Shaun Rein

Yet again eager Chinese customers have to wait to get an official hand on Apple´s new iPhone, while China is Apple´s second largest market. “Apple can not longer treat Chinese as second-hand citizens,” says business analyst Shaun Rein in Nikkei.

Is price-fixing really an issue? – Paul French

A larger number of foreign companies have been accused of price-fixing. For all the wrong reasons, and based on little proof, argues author Paul French in Ethical Corporation. They include “Unilever, Qualcomm, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Chrysler, Microsoft, BMW, Nike, a whole bunch of Japanese car parts manufacturers and quite a few other corporations”.

IPhone6: boost for China´s export – Ben Cavender

While the jury is still out on how well the iPhone6 will do on the market, and especially among the spoiled Chinese consumers, China´s export will certainly get a boost, thanks to Apple´s latest gadget, tells retail analyst Ben Cavender in CCTV.

Xiaomi picks fight with Apple, Samsung – Ben Cavender

China´s smartphone maker Xiaomi has launched its first tablet and business analyst Ben Cavender sees the company doing well in the 15-35 year bracket of consumers who never used a PC. Apple and Samsung should start to worry, he explains in Bloomberg TV.

Apple, China Mobile deal no game-changer – Shaun Rein

Apple got after five years negotiating its deal with China Mobile, the world´s largest mobile telecom provider. But according to business analyst Shaun Rein it is very unlikely many of the 759 million China Mobile subscribers will fall for Apple´s 4G phones. The top-end users have already signed up subscriptions with for example Samsung, and 80% of the users use 2G and won´t switch easy to 4G.

Apple’s China Mobile deal might have some drawbacks – Shaun Rein

Apple got after two years of negotiations its deal with the world’s largest telecom company China Mobile. But the 500 million customers of China Mobile might not all queue up for a 4G deal with Apple, tells business analyst Shaun Rein at Bloomberg. And recent reform plans might not spell well for China Mobile either.

How can Burberry survive in China? – Shaun Rein

Fashion brand Burberry gets a new CEO, as Burberry’s chief executive, Angela Ahrendts move to Apple in 2014. But retail analyst Shaun Rein is not sure current Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey would be the best choice to move business in China, he tells in HITC Business.

Apple: no longer cool in China – Shaun Rein

Apple’s new iPhones are not getting the buzz the Apple products used to get in the past, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in Bloomberg. It might a against the bible of Steve Jobs, but it would help if they would listen to their users. And the fingerprint technology is not helping either.

New iPhone ‘no game changer’ – Shaun Rein

The new iPhone will be available in China in the coming days, but it is no game-changer, warns business analyst Shaun Rein at Bloomberg. “They have to make better phones than Samsung, otherwise they might just follow Nokia.” At the bottom-end Lenovo and Xiaomi keep the market occupied.