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UK speakers’ scam

Today we got a kind invitation from Reverend Michael Silver , presiding Minister of the Emanuel Evangelical Church,London, United Kingdom, to provide a speaker. It proved to be a scam.

Zhang Lijia on political reform in China – Hangout-on-air

On Thursday 31 May the Beijing-based author Zhang Lijia will answer questions on political reform in China in an upcoming Hangout-on-air. Are we seeing merely window-dressing, or are there real options for change. Basis will be her opt-in in the New York Times, where she sounds rather pessimistic.

Top-10 most-read stories in May 2012

We noted already in April the storm of news coming over us, May has not been different. The fall out of the Bo Xilai case, a anti-foreigner drive in Beijing, bringing CCTV anchor Yang Rui in the limelight. And two of our speakers, Shaun Rein and Tom Doctoroff are in the middle of the promotion campaign of what promises to be two bestsellers on China.

Meet our China speakers

Tricia Wang, Ben Cavender and Zhang Lijia are among the first group of speakers at the China Speakers Bureau who are going to attend our new online interview show, using Google+ Hangouts-on-air. And you can participate.

China Speakers Bureau Hangouts start

At the China Speakers Bureau we will start using Google+ Hangouts-on-air as a platform for China debates. COO Maria Korolov interviews Fons Tuinstra on how this tool will develop in the months to come.

Becoming a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau?

We have developed a set of stringent criteria, so we can save time, our time and your time, and the time of potential clients. What are the basic barriers for entering the China Speakers Bureau as a speaker?

Top-5 stories for April 2012

April had no shortage of news, and fortunately, our monthly top-5 of most-read stories at the China Speakers Bureau mirror those current affairs very well. Not only Bo Xilai made it into our top-5, but also Zhang Lijia’s appeal to repeal the death penalty for business women Wu Ying

The End of Cheap China – USA Today review

New reviews of Shaun Rein’s “The End of Cheap China: Economic and Cultural Trends that will Disrupt the World” keep on appearing. Earlier in the week, the Wall Street Journal, yesterday USA Today.

The China debate thru Google+ hangouts-on-air

The China Speakers Bureau is preparing to use Google+ Hangouts-on-air with our speakers and others to organize the debate on China online. Launch is expected in the weeks to come. Do check here the backgrounds to get involved.

The Chinese consumer – Helen Wang

Author Helen Wang of The Chinese Dream introduced her book on December 5 at the Asia House in London, on the invitation of Lord Wei. Here is what she had to say about the Chinese consumer.