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CSB on China visit

Fons Tuinstra, the representative of the China Speakers Bureau in Europe, will be on a visit in China till January 11. He will be staying in Shanghai and has some possibilities to discuss possible business cooperation. He is available by email, WeChat, Google+, LinkedIn, facebook and twitter. He can also be reached by phone: +41796730885.

Shadow banking expert Sara Hsu joins China Speakers Bureau

The China Speakers Bureau is happy to include Sara Hsu, offering our financial clients a unique insight in this unique feature. She will soon participate in one of our China Weekly Hangouts to discuss shadow banking in China.

Happy Chinese New Year

The year of the snake is nearing and we see activities from China dropping very fast: friends and family are clearly focusing on the upcoming Chinese New Year. We will just join them in relaxing a bit and wish all our readers, clients and speakers a very happy Chinese New Year.

Tricia Wang visits New Zealand

Sociologist and much-wanted key note speaker Tricia Wang will visit at the end of February/beginning of March New Zealand. Tricia Wang is one of the leading voices on the internet in China and just finished as a Fulbright scholar a two-year research on the ground in China.

Michael Justin Lee joins China Speakers Bureau

Professor Michael Justin Lee of the University of Maryland has kindly agreed to join the China Speakers Bureau. Michael Lee is a gifted and dynamic speaker with a deep understanding of China. His new book The Chinese Way to Wealth and Prosperity: 8 Timeless Strategies for Achieving Financial Success details how the Chinese people have managed to thrive in every country to which they’ve ever emigrated.

Frank Feather joins China Speakers Bureau

Senior Canadian business advisor Frank Feather has decided to join the China Speakers Bureau.

Frank Feather is a special China advisor to the Chinese government for 27-year. working with Ministry of Science and Technology. He is still advising the Development Research Center the top State Council think tank responsible for policy research and strategic review

Wei Gu joins the China Speakers Bureau

Wei Gu joined this week the China Speakers Bureau. She is a Chinese journalist and works as columnist at Reuters’ Breakingviews from Hong Kong. While her focus is on finance, Wei Gu’s sharp analyses also deal with China’s politics and media.

Heleen Mees joins China Speakers Bureau

“China’s boom caused the financial crisis and ensuing economic recession.” That is the central theme of the PhD economist, lawyer and publicist Heleen Mees hopes to receive in August. The China Speakers Bureau is happy to welcome Heleen Mees as their latest speaker.

Top-5 most-read stories June 2012

Compared to the exciting times in China in May, June has been more back to basics in terms of news. Or is it a sign summer holidays are nearing? China does not honor the concept of a summer holiday, but traditionally we do see a drop in traffic during the summer, allowing us to have a break too.

What is going wrong in localization – Ben Cavender Hangout

Localization is the mantra for foreign companies entering China, but many fail. Ben Cavender, senior analyst at the China Market Research Group (CMR) will address some famous cases during a Google+ Hangout on Thursday.