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Lead time for a speaker: 3-6 months

Getting a professional speaker on your meeting or conference is not everybody’s daily business. While in most cases, timing is no issue, sometimes we get request for a meeting in one, two weeks time. We can work fast in emergencies, but in general we can go our job best when we have a lead time of three to six months.

Fake news on the CSB and Christian Wulff

The former German president Christian Wulff has been wrongfully mentioned in an article of the Wirtschaftwoche as a speaker of the China Speakers Bureau. We noted the article in the magazine, but could not read it since it was behind a firewall for ad blockers, and thought diligent journalists would figure out this would be fake news.

Google disrupted our news feeds

A mild anxiety descended yesterday over the offices of the China Speakers Bureau as our much appreciated RSS-reader Inoreader produced hundreds of disrupting messages: “This RSS feed URL has been deprecated”. Which mean that our feeds from Google News do not work anymore and our digital radar was killed.

Outbound China investment experts at the China Speakers Bureau (updated)

2017 will not beat 2016 in terms of volume of outbound investments, but China is still expanding fast – despite increased government limits on financing outbound deals.A few of our speakers at the China Speakers Bureau focus on that development.

Great female expert speakers on China (updated)

As a relatively new agency, at the China Speakers Bureau, never has a shortage of female speakers: women are still a minority at our lists and rankings, but a sizable minority of about 40 percent. We seldom point that out to our clients and potential clients, but want to make for once an exception.

Europe summer holidays kicks in

The Tour de France has started and last weekend saw the first southbound traffic jams of holiday goers. In short: for Europe the summer holiday breaks have started and will…

Matthew Brennan joins China Speakers Bureau

WeChat expert Matthew Brennan has joined the China Speakers Bureau this week. China’ online giants dominate its economic, social and financial life, with Tencent’s WeChat as the major force, trailed by Alibaba and Sina’s Weibo.

WeChat is China’s operating system for your life, says Matthew Brennan in one of his presentations.

Jeffrey Towson releases 2017 edition of “One Hour China” bestseller

Beida business professor Jeffrey Towson has released this week the 2017 edition of his three-year old bestseller The One Hour China Book (2017 Edition): Two Peking University Professors Explain All of China Business in Six Short Stories he wrote together with Jonathan Woetzel. On his weblog, he explains the reason for the new edition in a fast-changing China.

Three CSB speakers made top-25 of best China books

Zhang Lijia, Ian Johnson and Howard French made it to the top-25 of China books of the Signature website of the US literary agency with the same name. The authors are praised, as they help to move away from the classic monolithic picture the West had from China.

Tom Doctoroff joins Prophet

Tom Doctoroff has been appointed as senior partner at Prophet, a global brand and marketing consultancy, the company announced.

Previously he was for more than two decades working for JWT in China, lastly as its APAC CEO.