Chairman and CEO of Alcatel China Investments (1997-2005)

Dominique de Boisseson has been leading one of Europe's most successful telecom companies in China, one of the tougher industries to do business in in China. He supervised twenty companies in China and saw its revenue explode into the billions of euro's.
CEO of the China Business Network

Janet Carmosky is one of the leading voices on China business in the US. With a heavy experience of a wide range of industries in China, its culture and way of dealing with the people. In a hands-on way she has a very convincing story for both beginners and veterans in dealing with China.

Serial China entrepreneur, author and educator

Barcelona-born entrepreneur, raised and sold successfully IT and software companies in China. Now he is turning his business experience into an academic career.
CEO Philips China (2002-2008)

Mr. David Chang was appointed as the CEO of the Dutch electronics giant Philips in China on Jan. 1st 2002.

In addition to his previous role as the Chairman for Philips China Management Team, Mr. Chang was also sitting in the board of various JVs in China. He is still very instrumental in nourishing the relationship with Chinese partners and aligning business goals.
Managing Consultant, China Streetsmart

When you want to take to the street of China and experience the real life, you can have no better company than Streetsmart Johnny Chan. He knows the alleys into China you might not know by yourself.
Founder Tudou
Senior Advisor Spil Group Asia

One of the most successful foreign business people in China, founder of the country's largest video hosting firm and until February 2011 heading a leading gaming company. By moving both fast and careful, he is a telling example of successful dealing with China's murky realities.
travels from Shanghai

Co-author of a groundbreaking book on Doing Business in China for Dummies, Rob speaks to businesspeople on the challenges, opportunities and risk management of conducting business in the Middle Kingdom.
CEO China Business Strategy

Firmly rooted in both the American and the Chinese culture, Paul Denlinger is the ideal person to set foreign business in China straight. Many of those companies failed in China, especially in technology, because they were misinformed. Paul Denlinger can set them straight.
Author and consultant

When you want to look beyond Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, Bob Dodson is your man. With humor he explains in a down-to-earth way how the rest of China is developing and might fit into your plans.
Former CEO, Akzo Nobel China

A veteran in leading a Fortune-500 company in Korea, Jim Enters is a key expert on doing business in China for the larger companies. He has been active in setting up chambers of commerce, both in South-Korea and China.
Professor at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD)

Bill Fischer combines an appealing enthusiasm with a thorough knowledge of basis business processes in China. As the former dean of China's leading business school CEIBS he submerged in the often murky dealing and shares as a professional storyteller his experiences in a professional way.

Co-founder and CEO of CIC

The internet can make or break your company and Sam Flemming explains how it works. Flemming is one of the leading speakers on the internet in China, much asked for his candid insights.
Founder of Access Asia, a leading research institute on retail; author of several books on China

Looking for a sharp debater? Then Paul French is your man. He does not shy away from many subjects and covers China's middle class, North-Korea, the way of doing (no) business in China or the latest on Western companies trying to crack this difficult market.
General Manager, Shanghai Campanile

Calling Gabor Holch a dynamic speaker would be an understatement. His driven style - "I'm a compulsory speaker," he says himself - he eloquently addresses cross-cultural issues, both political and economic affairs in an engaging way. Mr. Holch has been working on both institution building and cross-cultural cooperation.
Founder and compiler of the Hurun China Rich List

Rupert Hoogewerf founded Hurun Report, a luxury publishing and events company in 1999. Hurun Report produces 20 Chinese-language magazines a year aimed at China's wealth creators. Hoogewerf's close personal relationship with many of China's leading entrepreneurs provides the basis for the company's busy calendar of events.
Chairperson, CEO Trombly Ltd

A seasoned business and technology journalist, turned media entrepreneur, Maria Korolov is now outsourcing journalism from US magazines to China and other developing countries, changing the paradigms in the media world.
Managing Director and Head of Research, Dragonomics

A leading economic thinking who brings into the China-debate what is often lacking: facts in stead of emotion. In a humorous style Mr Kroeber brings back cliches and misconception on China to a more realistic proportion.
Chairman of Andrew Leung International Consultants

Mr. Leung's impressive resume reflects a forty-year long engagement with business and China. A much asked professor and China expert with a solid international reputation.
Retired MBA lecturer and China entrepreneur

Warren Liu takes with him the academic rigor of the top-end business schools where he has been teaching. Combined with his practical business experience, and his recent study of KFC in China, he brings a unique set of skills, viewpoints and background, makes him a challenging partner at your next event.
Senior Fellow at the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, Canadian Ambassador to the WTO (1999-2004)

An extensive career in government and business places Ambassador Sergio Marchi in an excellent position to explain China to the outside world. He served as a Canadian Ambassador to the World Trade Organization and UN, in Geneva; as a Canadian Cabinet Minister of International Trade, the Environment and Immigration; and in a range of private sector advisory positions. From 2004 to 2008 he was the President of the Canada-China Business Council.
Executive Director Global Initiative at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

Her well-founded sparkling opinions, clear facts and compelling stories make her an exciting and inspiring speaker and author. She loves to tap into the imagination of the audience. She is a master in showing managers how to apply the new insights to their own challenging business dilemmas.
Partner at King&Wood, China's largest law firm

Mark Schaub was the first foreign lawyer to join a Chinese law firm and that gave him a close insight in the way Chinese and foreigners conduct business in China. His experiences, varying from funny to hilarious, offer a great opportunity to learn about the do's and don't's in China.
Partner, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey

Amy L. Sommers is an award-winning speaker, working at the Shanghai office of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey in Shanghai. In a conversational style she is able to explain complicated legal issues in China in both fluent English and Manderin to lay audiences. Ms. Sommers has a wealth of anecdotes to illustrate the points she want to make.
Former China CEO of DSM

Well rooted in the international chemical industry, Ari van der Steenhoven has developed at the former China CEO of DSM into a much-wanted observer of China's economic and political developments. Van der Steenhoven is well-connected, both in foreign and Chinese circles in Shanghai.
Managing director, Thompson Market Services
Former China manager of The Pinkertons Asia

Bill Thompson has been in the front line of brand protection in China and Asia more than anybody else. In 25 years he lead 20,000 investigations into infringements of intellectual property for more than 1,700 brand owners, resulting in 6,700 successful enforcement actions and 1,300 criminal prosecutions. He attended a part of the 6,000 raids he supervised in China.
Author and speaker

'Connecting China' is her trade mark, bringing relationship building between companies and their counterparts in China on a deeper level. In a dynamic style, Joan Turley paves the way to success.
Assistant Dean and Executive Director, Global Executive MBA in Shanghai (GEMBA)

John van Fleet develops and speaks about business education for foreign business schools in China. He is the driving force behind one of China's first professional marketing organizations: the China Marketing Association.
Associate dean of CEIBS
professor in Economics

As a sharp observer of China's political and economic developments, professor Wang Jianmao, has outspoken viewpoints on what direction China should be taking in the future. Veiled with a touch of humor he analyses the political choices the government is making, and sometimes its inability to execute them. Professor Wang gives us a peek behind the doors that mostly remain closed for the outside world
Author and consultant

An expert on China's emerging middle class, Helen Wang combines her roots in Hangzhou, China, with twenty years of educational and corporate experience in the US. That puts her in an excellent place to explain the chances and challenges this new economic force offers for the outside world.
Asia-Pacific director IEDE business school, former diplomat

As a former diplomat in Latin America, Xu Ming is not only a fluent Spanish-speaker, but also has a profound knowledge of the intense relations between Chinese politics and international business. He is one of very few Chinese speakers who has been part of China's bureaucracy and can help the business world to deal with it.
Senior partner at China's largest law firm King & Wood

Ms. Xu Ping is a senior partner of King & Wood and head of the firm's Foreign Direct Investment Group in Beijing. Ms. Xu is specialized in foreign direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, technology transfer and international arbitration.
Chang-Jiang Professor of Economics at Fudan University and Director of the China Center for Economic Studies

Who thinks that Chinese academics cannot be provocative, has not met Zhang Jun yet. A sharp analytic of China's economics and decision making process, he is a much asked speaker.
Founder and CEO of Bioforesight

Dr. Zhu Shen is an award-winning business leader, prolific author, and media personality. She is the CEO of BioForesight, a strategic consulting company providing licensing, partnering, investment advisory, outsourcing advisory, cross-cultural communication & negotiation training, and media/public relations services to clients in North America, Europe, and China.