Jim Rogers to visit North Korea

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Jim Rogers

Chairman Kim Jong-un of North Korea has invited the renowned investor Jim Rogers next month to visit his country, reports the Korea Herald. Rogers has accepted the invitation.

Jim Rogers is also a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau and lives currently in Singapore.

“The Singapore-based investor, who once said he would “put all of my money” in North Korea if he could, received the US government’s approval for the trip with his wife,” according to the Korea Herald.

“In December, Rogers was appointed as an outside director of Ananti, the only South Korean resort operator in the North,” reports the South Korean paper in addition.

“Ananti has built and managed golf courses and condominiums across the Korean Peninsula, including one located in the joint tourist complex at Kumgangsan in North Korea’s Kangwon Province, called Kumgang Ananti Golf and Spa Resort.

“Other global companies are also paying keen attention to the resource-rich North Korea, including international producer and distributor of agricultural products Cargill, which conducted a business trip to North Korea in October last year. The company was said to be ready to sign a deal with the North as soon as sanctions are lifted, as the food shortage issue is one of North Korea’s top priorities.

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