“Foreigner hunt” nothing new – Jeremy Goldkorn

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Jeremy Goldkorn

China’s capital Beijing has set off a hunt against illegal, jobless foreigners. Actually, nothing really new, says Beijing veteran Jeremy Goldkorn, who has seen it all before, he tells the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal:

Beijing has conducted one city-wide sweep of illegal foreigners before, just ahead of the 2008 Olympics. Prior to that, Beijing police have been known to crack down on a district level.

“The online reaction is a little scary, but what the police are doing isn’t particularly new,” said Jeremy Goldkorn, founder of the Chinese media-tracking website Danwei and a resident of Beijing since 1995, adding that he thought the crackdown was most likely a response to the controversy over the video.

“I do think the free pass we’ve had in past years to misbehave has been taken away, but I don’t think this necessarily reflects any general rise in anti-foreigner sentiment,” he said.

More in the Wall Street Journal.

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