Most popular stories in September 2011

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Marc van der Chijs

Counting numbers online is becoming easier by the day and today we want to introduce a new section: the most popular stories from our speakers. We already have the popular monthly section “most sought-after speakers”, and readers to appreciate this kind of bench marking. So today our first selection of most popular stories:

    1. How does Sina weibo fits into China’s media landscape? – Sam Flemming
    2. “Midnight in Beijing” – Paul French
    3. China’s right to undervalue its exchange rate – Arthur Kroeber
    4. The economic damage of internet filters – Marc van der Chijs
    5. Inflation undermines consumer confidence – Shaun Rein
Keep in mind this is an overview made today: recently published stories might still be building up momentum and good-scoring stories in August might already have fizzled out. Do expect, depending on the feedback, the next installment at the beginning of November.
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