Most-sought speakers for December 2009:

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3Zhang Lijia by Fantake via Flickr

Zhang Lijia and Paul French are the two only new-comers in our December top-10 of most-sought speakers, otherwise our ranking has remained remarkable stable compared to November.
Zhang Lijia returned in December from her three-month participation in the prestigious international writers program of the University of Iowa. In those months she remained relatively quiet, but she is reentering the lights of publicity very fast again. In January she will visit Rome, Paris and Brussels to support the Italian and French translations of her famous book  “Socialism is great”, who have hit already the shelves. In February she is also planing a short trip to Japan.
Paul French – who is actually not short of publications himself – got himself a lot of attention for his first novel at Penguin. Amazing, since the book itself has not yet been released, but that has been compensated by his biting comments on China’s markets, including the demise of the Barbie store in Shanghai.
Leading the pack with a huge margin are still Kaiser Kuo and Shaun Rein, who also support our conviction that more exposure in the mainstream media still means a higher interests in our speakers.

The December 2009 top-10 (November in brackets)

  1. Kaiser Kuo (1)
  2. Shaun Rein (2)
  3. William Overholt (3)
  4. Arthur Kroeber (9)
  5. Tom Doctoroff (5)
  6. Jeremy Goldkorn (7)
  7. Jasper Becker (4)
  8. Paul French (-)
  9. Rupert Hoogewerf (6)
  10. Zhang Lijia (-)

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