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Why teaching Chinese manners is so tough – Zhang Lijia

This week millions of Chinese tourists will visit foreign countries, for many the first time. And they will shock the natives of the guest countries by their loud voices, spitting habits and pushy ways to jump queues. Author Zhang Lijia ponders at her weblog why it is so hard to teach Chinese some manners.

Why are migrant kids still kicked out of schools – Zhang Lijia

The central government might be trying to heal some of the wrongs related to hukou´s, like migrant children not allowed to attend schools in cities. But reality is still harsh, tells author Zhang Lijia in the South China Morning Post, as her neighbor´s kid is forced to leave.

The struggle to raise mixed-race kids in China – Zhang Lijia

Raising children with a mixed racial background in China is a struggle, tells author Zhang Lijia in the South China Morning Post. Why is it so hard to make them love anything Chinese, she wonders, looking at her two daughters.

Walking El Camino – Zhang Lijia

Walking El Camino, the famous pilgrimage road to Santiago de Compostela, is an old European tradition, but rapidly becoming popular today too. Author Zhang Lijia started yesterday her El Camino, and will keep us updated on her weblog.

Why Chinese class rooms avoid sex education – Zhang Lijia

Today sex education is firmly on the curriculum of school, unlike when author Zhang Lijia grew up. Important, because with knowledge the kids become vulnerable in society. But it does not mean sex education is wholeheartedly embraced, fears Zhang Lijia in CNN.

Book deals with our authors

Some of our speakers are also prolific authors. Just over the past weeks, two potential bestsellers got published, and we expect a few later this year. Now, policies of both speakers and their publishers might vary, but when you hire one of our speakers you might be eligible for a book deal.
Some of our speakers see books as a support act for their speaking activities, and might actually bring their books for free. Others can get their books for a decent discount from their publishers, or offer a discount themselves, since they see their book also as a good way to promote themselves.

Only better health care can stop hospital violence – Zhang Lijia

Stories about hospital staff being beaten up by angry patients and their families have become all too common in China´s media. Corruption and underfunding are the base of that violence, says author Zhang Lijia, who pleads for health care reforms in the South China Morning Post

Sexual abuse on the agenda is not enough – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia and her female class mates were the victim of sexual abuse when she studied in Nanjing, she recalls in the New York Times. Scandals have put sexual abuse on the official agenda, but that might not be enough, she fears.