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The daring struggle against the death penalty – Zhang Lijia

Capital punishment is declining in China, although the country still executes more than the rest of the world combines. Author Zhang Lijia paints in the New York Times the struggle of daring lawyers who fight for their clients, and the slow success of their campaign.

The poor mental health of migrant factory workers – Zhang Lijia

Former factory worker, and now author Zhang Lijia looks on her weblog into the fate of Xu Lizhi, a 24-year old Foxconn worker, who of many who jumped to death on September 20. Xu was not only a migrant worker, but also a poet, she tells us.

My fascination with India – Zhang Lijia

India as a holiday destination raises different feelings among tourists, but author Zhang Lijia admits on het weblog she is fascinated by the country. She recalls her first stay in New Delhi, and how she encountered Anuj – a book seller in Delhi.

“Blind massage”, a movie review – Zhang Lijia

The movie ´Blind Massage´ (Tui Na) by the director Lou Ye has been winning a range of awards, including a nomination for the Golden Bear in Berlin. Author Zhang Lijia visited the movie with her friend Elke, and was impressed, despite some flaws, she writes on her weblog.

Domestic violence law not enough to change men – Zhang Lijia

China is getting a law to protect women from domestic violence. An important step forward, although many have been critical about the draft law, writes author Zhang Lijia at her weblog, and it is far from enough to change the attitude of men.

Can academia function with Chinese characteristics? – Zhang Lijia

President Xi Jinping´s call for a “new type of thinktank with Chinese characteristics” has triggered off a old debate on the position of intellectuals towards their government. Author Zhang Lijia argues at her weblog the government should no longer silence the voice of its scholars.

Sex discrimination ends up in court – Zhang Lijia

Blatant discrimination on the job market is one of the major challenges for women in China. But they are gearing up to sue companies and institutions in court, if their adds search for ´male only´, notes author Zhang Lijia in ChinaFile.

How to deal with China´s aging population – Zhang Lijia

Taking care of her aging father, author Zhang Lijia realized China is not ready to deal with its rapidly aging population. On for 1.6 percent care facilities are available. China became old before it got rich, unlike its neighbor Japan.

The improving position of women – Zhang Lijia

Three generations of Chinese women, her grandmother, mother and herself used author Zhang Lijia to illustrate the changing position of women in China. “We benefited from the revolution led by Mao,” she said in a speech, published at her weblog.

Why mainlanders do not care about Hong Kong – Zhang Lijia

Some blamed heavy media censorship for the lack of interest at mainland China for the protests in Hong Kong. Author Zhang Lijia discovered mainlanders are genuinely not interested in Hong Kong. Her analysis at her weblog. Why the mainland and Hong Kong are drifting apart.