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The advantage of being a non-native English speaker – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia of “Socialism Is Great!”: A Worker’s Memoir of the New China taught herself English while working at a rocket factory in Nanjing. For World English she recalls how she managed that job and discovered the advantages of being a non-native English speaker.

Rewriting the role of women – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia attended in March the Bookworm International Literary Festival, and talked about the changing role of women in China´s society. Here is the report of Al Jazeera. Zhang Lijia is currently writing a novel on prostitutes in China.

The rising tide of women´activists – Zhang Lijia

Five feminists are still in jail. While the position of women has deteriorated over the past decades, author Zhang Lijia sees a rising number of activists, trying to improve the position of women, despite opposition, she write in a contribution to the debate in ChinaFile.

Er nai´s and sex toys in China – Zhang Lijia

Chinese are becoming more adventurous in bed, told author Zhang Lijia Sunday at the Beijing Bookworm, with 71% having premarital sex (compared to 15% in 1989). Zhang Lijia prepares a novel…

Why banning a documentary does not help – Zhang Lijia

The environmental documentary “Under the Dome” by Chai Jing has become more influential, even after Chna´s censors banned it from the internet. Not only because between 100 and 200 million already watched the documentary, says author Zhang Lijia to Bloomberg. The government can no longer brainwash the people.

CCTV New Year Gala needs to be depoliticized – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia looked – at the request of Al Jazeera – back at the history of the famous CCTV New Year gala, attracting each year hundreds of million viewers, with a major impacts on China´s citizens. Her main advice: “de-politicization of the show. The most important thing is to let people to have some fun as they deserve on the special occasion.”

Young women take gender discrimination to court – Zhang Lijia

Officially gender discrimination is banned, but until recently that law was not enforced. That is changing now women take the offenders to court, and get their legal rights, writes author Zhang Lijia on her weblog. She discusses the cases of Huang Rong and Cao Ju.

The daring struggle against the death penalty – Zhang Lijia

Capital punishment is declining in China, although the country still executes more than the rest of the world combines. Author Zhang Lijia paints in the New York Times the struggle of daring lawyers who fight for their clients, and the slow success of their campaign.

The poor mental health of migrant factory workers – Zhang Lijia

Former factory worker, and now author Zhang Lijia looks on her weblog into the fate of Xu Lizhi, a 24-year old Foxconn worker, who of many who jumped to death on September 20. Xu was not only a migrant worker, but also a poet, she tells us.

My fascination with India – Zhang Lijia

India as a holiday destination raises different feelings among tourists, but author Zhang Lijia admits on het weblog she is fascinated by the country. She recalls her first stay in New Delhi, and how she encountered Anuj – a book seller in Delhi.