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Can a Mark Zuckerberg emerge from Asia? – William Bao Bean

Can Asia produce its own Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook? “No,” noted the reporter of E27 from a speech Chinaccelerator director William Bao Bean gave at the Echelon Asia Summit 2016. Unfortunately, the reporter did not wait for the second part of the speech, and William explains why Google and Facebook changed the playing field at Facebook.

Why BitMEX is a winner – William Bao Bean

Last month the financial startup BitMEX won the first place in Singapore among 475 other startups. BitMEX offers traders an account, allowing them to trade in bitcoins. A winning proposition, tells ex-banker William Bao Bean to Bloomberg, as many try to siphon capital out of China.

Taiwan startups have to learn to make mistakes – William Bao Bean

Startups in Taiwan have huge opportunities, but they tend to be too conservative, says William Bao Bean, Managing Director of Chinaccelerator. Especially, they needs the guts to fail, he tells The News Lens.

Shanghai should not fund faulty investments – William Bao Bean

Shanghai introduced in January a compensation scheme for investors who lost money on their investments, hoping to trigger more innovations. By doing that China´s second-largest city funds faulty investment deals, tells VC veteran William Bao Bean the BBC.

Why Facebook has a hard time overtaking WeChat – William Bao Bean

Facebook is trying to copy many elements from Tencent´s WeChat, but has a hard time in overtaking the dynamic Chinese service, says innnovation expert William Bao Bean at MumBrella.”“WeChat – whether they’re good or bad – the bottom line is they are about 18 months ahead of Facebook.”

A slice of Silicon Valley in Taipei – William Bao Bean

Taipei-based startup accelerator MOX has been taking off, bringing a piece of Silicon Valley and jobs to Taiwan. Chinaccelator Managing Director William Bao Bean explains in the Taipei Times why Taiwan offers a good breeding grounds for mobile only startups.

The next four billion internet users will be mobile only – William Bao Bean

The first billion internet users entered the space using their PC´s. But the last four billion users will be mobile only, says innovation expert William Bao Bean in Tech in Asia, talking about the MOX demo days. To reach those billions, innovation startups also has to be mobile.

Fostering a mobile startup community in Taipei – William Bao Bean

For two months managing director of the China Accelerator William Bao Bean left Shanghai for Taipei, to nurture a new offices and a startup community MOX. In Taipei Times he explains how how this Silicon Valley working style works out here.

Are mobile payments killing traditional banks? – William Bao Bean

600 Million Chinese internet users use their mobile phone to pay, and increasingly they use not the traditional banks and credit cards, but newcomers in the industry. Innovation expert William Bao Bean discusses what will happen to the traditional banks when mobile payments advance also outside China.

How can governments stimulate innovation? Get out of the way – William Bao Bean

Everywhere governments are looking for ways to encourage innovations. For super-innovator William Bao Bean the solution is pretty simple: get out of the way. And give visas where possible. Compensating VC for possible losses, like Shanghai wants to do, is certainly the wrong way. Singapore on the other hand does a good job.