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How Shopal gets retailers digital – William Bao Bean

Interacting on social media is not enough for retailers to get customers. Last year the ChinaAccelerator supported Shopal, a digital tool helping retails to trace and follow customers beyond social media contacts. Managing director William Bao Bean of the ChinaAccelerator explains why Shopal works. A shift from brands to retailers.

Trust sells better than ads – William Bao Bean

Ads suck, says China veteran William Bao Bean. In Asia companies first build up trust, and then might sell now and then. “We are in the post-advertising market,” he tells at the Next16 in Hamburg.

The end of the cable – William Bao Bean

Light can transport data in higher volumes and speed than the current cable systems, shows an experimental setup at Shanghai´s Fudan University in the documentary “Smart China” at Discovery Channel. It documents how the massive data exchange at food chains in China can guarantee food safety. Our technology speaker William Bao Bean comments at the documentary.

Moderators at the China Speakers Bureau (updated)

At the China Speakers Bureau, we mostly organize excellent experts on different fields regarding China. But our clients now and then are also looking for people who can guide an debate, host an event an act as moderators. A few of our speakers have earned their stripes in the way, and here are a few of them.

How subsidy wars killed brand loyalty – William Bao Bean

When the ride-hailing wars between Uber and Didi has confirmed one feeling among Chinese consumers, it is that loyalty to brands does not pay off, says Shanghai-based VC William Bao Bean to Bloomberg. Brand loyalty was already low, but the latest Uber-Didi wars have made things worse.

Uber did not lose in China, it was a draw – William Bao Bean

American internet companies have lost in the competitive China market one after another: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Ebay, Twitter, YouTube. Compared to them Uber did an amazing job, says innovation expert William Bao Bean to LA Times. “It was a draw.”

China´s e-commerce: better in making money – William Bao Bean

When it comes to making money, Chinese e-commerce is more creative and successful, than any of their US counterparts, says VC William Bao Bean to the Washington Post. However, Chinese start-ups need to show they can generate enough revenue to make the model work in the middle term.

Facebook´s China competitors make real money – William Bao Bean

Most of the American internet companies like Facebook still make money through advertising, while their Chinese competitors like WeChat and Weibo make money through selling all you can think of, tells Shanghai-based VC William Bao Bean to AP. They are way ahead of Facebook.

Markets need experts, no bureaucrats to run their business – William Bao Bean

China´s call for innovation has caused a lot of action by government departments on different levels. But most initiatives are run by officials or universities, not the experienced business people the markets need, tells William Bao Bean, the managing director of one of the Chinese incubators to Reuters.

China is winning in social commerce – William Bao Bean

Whether China is copying or innovating is a useless discussion, says VC William Bao Bean to the South China Morning Post. Everybody is building on previous experiences, he says, but certainly in social commerce, how to sell online, China is way ahead compared to other parts of the world.