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Xi Jinping has few opportunities to push China ahead in Davos – Victor Shih

President Xi Jinping will visit the World Economic Forum next week in Davos as the first Chinese head of state. It is part of China´s push for international recognition, but political and financial analyst Victor Shih sees at this stage little room for progress, he tells at the Economic Times.

Trade balance: not a straight forward win-win – Victor Shih

After the election of Donald Trump as US president and the possible derailment of Sino-US relations, other countries, like Canada, see opportunities in making trade deals. But striking a balance in trade relations is never straight forward, warns political analyst Victor Shih in the Globe&Mail.

Currency floating looms if capital controls fail – Victor Shih

A strengthening US dollar since the election of US president-elect Donald Trump might increase the outflow pressure of the Renminbi, and China might first try more stricter measures to increase capital control, says financial specialist Victor Shih to Bloomberg. But if that fails, financial authorities might consider a more uncontrolled floating currency to get the market into balance.

Xi´s China dream hinders realistic policies – Victor Shih

Politics under president Xi Jinping has certainly become more exciting than under his predecessors, says political scientist Victor Shih in the Policy Forum. But Xi´s push for his China dream getting realistic approaches to achieve that goal have become, and might curtail his ambitions.

Financial experts at the China Speakers Bureau (updated)

Now a massive row of Chinese companies, including Alibaba, are preparing for IPO´s, both at home at abroad, insights in China´s financial industry are more important than ever,

The government wants to allow market forces to decide what financial direction the country is taking, and because more than even capital is owned by Chinese citizens, just looking at what the central government in Beijing is doing, is not longer good enough.

Picking a new generation of leaders – Victor Shih

The promotion of Xi Jinping to the “core” leader of the communist party was only the start of a year of promotions in the party to get a new generation of leaders in place, tells political analyst Victor Shih in the New York Times. Shih does not expect only Xi´s friends are going to make the grade.

Appetite for government VC´s might be costly – Victor Shih

The central government is encouraging its downstream agencies to engage more in sponsored venture capital deals to stimulate innovation. That is not a guarantee for success, says financial expert Victor Shih in Bloomberg and might cost the tax payers a lot of money.

Tax payer will suffer from government adventures as VC – Victor Shih

China´s State Council, the state´s highest administrative body, has encouraged government agencies to act more as venture capitalists, it announced on Tuesday. A receipcy for disaster, says financial and political expert Victor Shih to Bloomberg, where the tax payers have to suffer from inavoidable disasters.

Xi Jinping lacks enough support at the top – Victor Shih

President Xi Jinping might be the most powerful leader in China for decades, it does not mean he enjoys overwhelming support at the country´s political elites, says political scientist Victor Shih, author of Factions and Finance in China: Elite Conflict and Inflation, a leading publication on China´s elites in the Economist.

Xi Jinping is here to stay – Victor Shih

President Xi Jinping has developed into one of the strongest leaders in China since Deng Xiaoping, and it looks like he is going to stay on longer as party secretary, says political analyst Victor Shih to AFP. Since there is no obvious successor, China´s political elites might have to accept that, as they gather for their annual conclave at the Beidaihe beach resort .