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The opportunities of sponge cities – Sam Crispin

Floodings and storm are pretty common in China, but since 2015 the concept of so-called sponge cities are developed to mitigate the potential damage. Real estate expert Sam Crispin, director Urbanization of PwC China explores in his article at LinkedIn the opportunities for foreign partnership in developing this concept.

Size matters for shopping malls in China – Sam Crispin

Shopping malls might be doing badly in China, it does not stop local government from building new ones, the bigger the better, says real estate expert Sam Crispin in Forbes. Even when the shoppers in the end do not show up.

Real estate prices will drop, and people will buy – Sam Crispin

After twenty years of covering real estate in China, Sam Crispin has seen it all. He is not worried by the recent drop in house prices. “When prices drop, people will buy,” the UK-based real estate consultant tells in KBIA.

Mixed messages from China´s real estate – Sam Crispin

Follow the lead given by the government, is the key advice by real estate expert Sam Crispin. The market gives mixed signals, where some property developers do well, and others go down. But the government will stay in charge. A report by CKGSB Knowledge.

China´s real estate: no panic needed – Sam Crispin

Government interference, dropping prices, dropping occupation rates: China´s real estate has always been good for some panic in the media headlines. But there is no reason for panic, ways real estate expert Sam Crispin with 20 years of China experience under his belt in GPB News, although some diversification is in order.