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Why Hong Kong resists market oversight – Paul Gillis

Political protest have dominated most of the media coverage from Hong Kong, but the resistance against a financial and regulatory overhaul has been as important, tells Beida accounting professor Paul Gillis in Quartz. Why an improved market oversight is long overdue.

Why some US CPA firms might lose their China market – Paul Gillis

On July 1, 2015 news rules on CPA practices by the Ministry of Finance will get in place. While the Big Four won´t have a lot of problems, Beida accounting professor Paul Gillis expects that the smaller CPA firms from the US might lose their work on the China market, he writes on his weblog.

What after the VIE disappears – Paul Gillis

For decades both Chinese and foreign companies in China used to circumvent murky Chinese corporate legislation by setting up so-called VIE´s on outside tax heavens, while the government basically looked away. Those days seem to be over, writes accounting professor Paul Gillis on his webblog, and the question is: what´s next?

The end of VIE´s – Paul Gillis

China has announced new rules that reduce restrictions on foreign investments, for example in the internet. The traditional way to avoid those restrictions, VIE´s via Cayman islands and others, will be phased out fast, writes accounting professor Paul Gillis at his weblog.

Reforms on auditing stalled – Paul Gillis

A range of pending reforms in auditing issues have been stalled, writes Beida professor Paul Gillis at his weblog, creating potential risks for investors. Here two of those stalled reforms: the VIE´s and the auditing regulations in Hong Kong.

China´s stock markets: heading for a correction – Paul Gillis

China´s capital streams have been turning to the stock markets, even when the economy is slowing down. A major correction seems inevitable, tells Beida accounting professor Paul Gillis at VOA. And while China´s stock markets are used to rough times, for the many newcomers it might be a nasty awakening.

Short selling campaigns against Chinese firms – Paul Gillis

Accountant professor Paul Gillis will teach this fall a course on short selling campaigns against Chinese firms at Peking University. At his weblog he summarizes some conclusions. After a few bad years, this highly attractive business is back again.

Missing audits for Tianhe and Sihuan red flags – Paul Gillis

Two major companies backed by Morgan Stanley, Tianhe and Sihuan, have told security regulators in Hong Kong, they cannot meet the deadlines for filing their audits, reports AP. Two red flags, causing serious problems for Morgan Stanley, says accounting professor Paul Gillis.

China wants overseas auditors for its 113 SOE´s – Paul Gillis

Overseas operations of state-owned companies have been identified as “hotbeds of corruption”, who are seldom audited, writes accounting professor Paul Gillis on his weblog. The State Council has now put out a bit for overseas auditors to clean up the mess.

SEC kills ´nuclear option´ for US-listed Chinese firms – Paul Gillis

Chinese and US stock regulators have been at loggerheads on the rules US-listed Chinese companies have to follow. In that struggle, the SEC has caved in, according to a WSJ story, and accounting professor Paul Gillis complaints on his weblog that the effort to let those Chinese firms comply with US law has gone awry.