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China Dream symbol splits an artisan family – Ian Johnson

President Xi Jinping´s “China Dream” comes along with a slick propaganda campaign. But the center piece of the campaign, a clay figurine of a chubby peasant girl in a red smock, has split the artisan Tianjin family who made the image, discovered journalist Ian Johnson for the New York Times.

Is Xi really making a difference? – Ian Johnson

Compared to his predecessor Hu Jintao, China seems on the move under president Xi Jinping. But is he really. Journalist Ian Johnson wonders in the New York Review of Books after three years of Xi rule whether under the cosmetic moves, so much is changing.

Jindong Cai discusses Beethoven in China – Ian Johnson

Jindong Cai is a professor at Stanford University and an orchestra conductor with a long reputation in China. Journalist Ian Johnson discusses the special position Beethoven has in China, for the New York Times.

What makes China tick? – Ian Johnson

Chinese are looking for new meanings in their life, says journalist Ian Johnson. They are looking for religious values, both condoned by the government or illegal, but also shop around for other spiritual values. And mostly the government supports that search, as long as there are no foreign links.

Traditional Chinese medicine in modern times – Ian Johnson interviews Paul U. Unschuld

The debate on the clash between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine continues after Tu Youyou obtained as the first Chinese the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Journalist Ian Johnson interviews for the New York Times the eminent expert Paul U.Unschuld on the position of Chinese Traditional Medicine in today´s China.

Traditional medicine is not so happy with the Nobel prize – Ian Johnson

China´s traditional medicine suddenly got into the limelight as Tu Youyou was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine. But the experts in traditional medicine had very mixed feelings, writes journalist Ian Johnson for the New York Times. Tu might have her roots in traditional medicine, but the Nobel Prize certainly did not honor that work.

Baoding: third tier city waiting for revival – Ian Johnson

Now China is preparing for a new megacity, Jing-Jin-Ji, combining Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the neighboring provincial capital Baoding is hoping to ride on the bandwagon too. Journalist Ian Johnson visited Baoding for the New York Times and looks at its chances.

Chinese, looking for quality and new values – Ian Johnson

A group of tens of million of Chinese are looking for more than only make money, says journalist Ian Johnson. They look for a better quality of life, including organic food, corporate values and good domestic education for their children.

Ai Weiwei and the role of politics – interview: Ian Johnson

Artist Ai Weiwei and journalist Ian Johnson met in Berlin for a wide-ranging interview after Ai was allowed to leave China again. Ai Weiwei talks about the role of politics in his life, in the New York Review of Books.

How the anti-corruption drive hits foreign firms – Ian Johnson

Previous political campaigns in China mostly fizzled out after a few months, but the anti-corruption drive – started by President Xi Jinping is staying. How is this affecting foreign companies? New York Times journalist Ian Johnson explains what has changed in China.