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The hypermarkets are dead, consumer trends – Ben Cavender

Brands and the origins of brands have come a key consumer trend, retail analyst Ben Cavender told a fruit conference in Shanghai, according to The hypermarkets and first-tier cities are out, he said.

Walt Disney tries to regain its China market – Ben Cavender

Walt Disney is not only opening an entertainment park in Shanghai, but also on Wednesday the biggest retail operation ever, wit 2,000 products on 860 square meters. The company is trying to win the China market, that was dominated by counterfeits, says retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily.

McDonald’s shutters stores as diet changes – Ben Cavender

McDonald´s used to be one of the winners in China´s emerging fast food market, but – together with KFC – losing market share and actually closing stores. Scandals and changing diets take their toll, says retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily.

Yum tests upscale restaurant in Shanghai – Ben Cavender

You might know Yum mostly from KFC and Pizzahut, but in China it has started to test the upscale market. Retail analyst Ben Cavender looks at a test-kitchen at Shanghai´s Bund.

Why McDonald´s is losing in China – Ben Cavender

McDonald´s used to be a winner in China, but has started to face dropping sales. Retail analyst Ben Cavender explains why the US firm is likely to keep on dropping in AsiaOne. Food scandals caused loss of confidence among the consumers, and McDonald´s has been unable to repair the damage.

Why Amazon teams up with Alibaba – Ben Cavender

In a surprise move US internet giant Amazon is opening a webshop at Tmall, part of its competitor Alibaba ´s empire. Retail analyst Ben Cavender explains why Amazon is teaming up with its competitor to enter the China market at CNBC.

Apple´s capitulation to China gives Obama a problem – Ben Cavender

China´s proposal to IT vendors to give access to their devices to fight terror has raised the tensions in the industry. Apple seems to have agreed to share its source code with China, and that might cause Obama a headache, says business analyst Ben Cavender in Quartz.

Why Alipay might become bigger than Alibaba – Ben Cavender

Much attention has gone to the massive e-commerce giant Alibaba and its IPO, but its financial arm, Alipay, might in the long run become the bigger operation, says business analyst Ben Cavender in the Technology Review.

Unlikely: Apple giving access to China – Ben Cavender

State media hailed a deal between Apple and the Chinese government to give access to Apple devices, including the source codes. An unlikely scenario, tells business analyst Ben Cavender to QZ.

Best Buy ends its China struggle – Ben Cavender

The decision by Best Buy to withdraw from the China market is not a real surprise, and illustrates that successful brands elsewhere cannot assume they can conquer the China market too, says Shanghai-based retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily.