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GDP growth in line with our expectations – Ben Cavender

China´s GDP growth for the fourth quarter of 2015 has been set at 6.8%, lowest since 2009, but very much in line with the expectations, says business analyst Ben Cavender in Money Control. For 2016 he expects the figure to hoover in the mid-6 percent.

Foreign firms lackluster on Alibaba´s rural approach – Ben Cavender

Preparations for China´s New Years shopping spree has started, and Alibaba focuses on the previous under-served rural areas. But foreign firm have not reacted very enthusiastically on this move, says retail analyst Ben Cavender to Dow Jones, since it is a very long-term approach.

Online platform helps foreign firms, but obstacles remain – Ben Cavender

Tmall Global of Alibaba offers international sellers since 2014 a platform to sell their products directly to Chinese consumers, and offers advantages like lower import rates. But, warns retail analyst Ben Cavender in Fortune that does not mean selling in China has fundamentally become easy.

Quality key for China´s young consumers – Ben Cavender

Going cheap is no longer the prevailing trend among China´s consumers, as especially the younger ones, who have traveled a lot, look for good quality, says retail analyst Ben Cavender in the International Business Times.

Despite record numbers, Alibaba´s profit on Single´s Day might be illusive – Ben Cavender

Alibaba, and its competitor made a record sales (or gross merchandise volume, GMV, as it is called) during Single´s Day. But retail specialist Ben Cavender also looks at the little print in the contract, and wonders in CNN Money if the record sales contribute to the profits.

Yuan devaluation is market-driven – Ben Cavender

Some see the devaluation of the yuan as a panic measure by the Chinese government to reignite growth, but market analyst Ben Cavender tells the Guardian why the depreciation is mainly market driven, making the yuan freer from the US dollar peg.

Disney link gives Uniqlo an extra advantage – Ben Cavender

Japan´s fashion brand Uniqlo is already leading in the China market over its Western competitors, and its link with Disney might give it an extra advantage, says retail analyst Ben Cavender in MarketWatch.

New US internet companies succeed by complying with the government – Ben Cavender

China has seen a wave of new internet companies, actually succeeding. A surprise after Google, Facebook, Twitter saw them locked out. Business analyst Ben Cavender tells in Quartz what the trick is: complying with the Chinese government. Names? Evernote. LinkedIn. Uber.

Up to 50 bn US$ in capital waiting to enter A-share market – Ben Cavender

China´s stock markets got a setback as global stock-index compiler MSCI decided to delay inclusion of China at least still next year. Reason: the current 5% foreign participation is too low. But business analyst Ben Cavender expects China to open its market further this year and an estimated 20-50 billion US dollar in capital to enter the market next year, he tells Money Control.

The fast growth of online cross-border shopping – Ben Cavender

The already booming e-commerce in China is getting fast an international leg as internet users discover the advantages of buying goods online abroad, says retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily. And the large e-commerce players quickly grab market share.