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Can China avoid Japan´s mistakes? – Arthur Kroeber

China is ahead of a range of challenging decisions, writes economist Arthur Kroeber in BloombergView. There is a real danger China will enter economic stagnation just like Japan did in the past, and Kroeber is not sure China´s leadership can avoid the same mistakes Japan made.

The two faces of China´s economy – Andy Mok

China is a country of two economic speeds, writes business analyst Andy Mok at LinkedIn. While parts of the economy is doing bad, especially the new economy is booming like never before. “The new economy is firing on all cylinders.”

What investors have to know about China – Arthur Kroeber

Investors have a hard time in figuring out what is happening in China. There are a few basics, says economist Arthur Kroeber, where they often get it wrong, he tells Benefits Canada, and he tries to address them.

Services and consumption will drive growth – James Roy

Manufacturing is – as planned by the central government – down, but services and consumption will keep economic growth for the rest of this year at 6.4, 6.5% says business analyst James Roy to Money Control.

China needs to be a Singapore on steroids – Arthur Kroeber

China has three scenario´s to choose from by the end of next year, when the new Party Congress convenes, tells author Arthur Kroeber,China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know®, at the European Council of Foreign Relations. Or Russia-style nationalism, Japan-style slowdown 2.0 or a Singapore on steroids.

Again: China is not heading for a crisis – Arthur Kroeber

Foreign media see – wrongly – often many crises appearing in China, writes economist Arthur Kroeber in his upcoming book China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know®. The Australian Financial Review has an early review. There are problems, but “he does not see a headline-grabbing crisis, rather a slow Japanese-style decline.”

Lower GDP hurts paying back debts – Victor Shih

China´s GDP dropped to 6.4% and while many countries would be happy with such a growth, it creates a major problems for China, as current debts cannot be served, warns financial expert Victor Shih in Bloomberg.

Why Trump is wrong on China – Sara Hsu

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has China high on his agenda, and not for the good. All wrong, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. The US needs to keep a positive relationship with China, she argues.

Market-driven reform: much left to do – Sara Hsu

Much reform to a market-driven economy has been achieved in 2015, wrote the National Development and Reform Commission’s (NDRC) Report on the Implementation of the 2015 Plan. But there is much left to do says financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat.

Go state-owned enterprise reform and control together? – Sara Hsu

China´s leaders have announced that reform (and even merger) of state-owned enterprises are high on the political agenda. But at the same time, the central government does not want to lose control. Can both ambitions go together, wonders financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. Mixed ownership does not mean an orientation on the market.