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From Journalism to Self-Publishing Books – Nieman Reports

John Harvard, founder via Wikipedia The book publishing service of the China Speakers Bureau made it into the prestigious Nieman Reports of Harvard University. So earlier this year we at…

China’s nationalism – Helen H. Wang

Helen Wang by Fantake via Flickr How nationalistic are the Chinese, Helen Wang wonders in Forbes. Americans often see China as the next big enemy, but are still treated and…

My quest for personal and political freedom – Zhang Lijia

Zhang Lijia by Fantake via Flickr Celebrity author Zhang Lijia tells in how her now famous book “Socialism is great” came into being. She was still a factory girl…

Most-sought speakers for July 2010

Warren Liu     via Flickr Major changes this month in our line-up for the top-10 most-sought speakers in July 2010, actually half of them is new. Highest newcomer of this…

Lee, Michael Justin

Professor Lee is the author of the best-seller The Chinese Way to Wealth and Prosperity: 8 Timeless Strategies for Achieving Financial Success. Firmly rooted in both the Chinese and American culture, he is an ideal bridge between both. He travels from Maryland, USA.

Ma, Jason L.

CEO & Chief Mentor of ThreeEQ, Author of “Young Leaders 3.0”, Member of the B20 for the G20, Speaker & Member of the Global Advisory Council of the World Chinese Economic Summit
Travels from Palo Alto, CA

Brennan, Matthew

WeChat Expert, Speaker, Author, Host, Co-Founder of China Channel

travels from Shanghai, China

Schaub, Mark

Mark Schaub a partner at King & Wood and Mallesons, the largest law firm in China and Australia combined. He is a prolific speaker who wastes no time in avoiding the real challenges in doing business in China.

As a lawyer he had extensive experience in negotiating deals, firing people and otherwise dealing with the ignorance of companies entering the Chinese business minefield. He travels from Shanghai

Mees, Heleen

Heleen Mees is columnist and contributing editor to Foreign Policy. She was Assistant Professor in Economics at Tilburg University and taught at NYU Wagner in 2012. She will promoted in August 2012 on the role of China in the financial crisis. She travels from New York

Zhang Lijia

Zhang Lijia is a writer, journalist, and social commentator. She is the author of the popular memoir “Socialism is Great!” She is currently working on a book on prostitution in China. She travels from Beijing.