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Shanghai Disney: also engaging adults – Ben Cavender

Shanghai Disney has appointed three honory ambassadors for its park, actress Sun Li, pianist Lang Lang and former NBA basketball player Yao Ming better promote itself as a family-friendly attraction. A sign it does not only want to attract kids, but also adults, says business analyst Ben Cavender to the China Daily.

How can governments stimulate innovation? Get out of the way – William Bao Bean

Everywhere governments are looking for ways to encourage innovations. For super-innovator William Bao Bean the solution is pretty simple: get out of the way. And give visas where possible. Compensating VC for possible losses, like Shanghai wants to do, is certainly the wrong way. Singapore on the other hand does a good job.

When in China, do not follow your gut feeling – William Bao Bean

Many foreign companies fail when they try to enter the China market. According to William Bao Bean, a partner at Shanghai venture capital firm SOSV, dealing with over 120 startups per year, that is because they follow too often the instincts they take along from their home market. Wrong, he tells in the South China Morning Post.

What makes mobile apps run? – William Bao Bean

In Taipei the Mobile Only Accelerator (MOX) has launched and SOSV partner William Bao Bean has jumped over from Shanghai to support the operation, in PRunderground he explains what it takes to develop the next mobile apps for 4 million users.

Why are Chinese listed companies coming home? – Wei Gu

Chinese companies listed at US stock exchanges are talking about coming home, to the Chinese stock markets. WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu is analyzing the trend and explains who is likely to gain from such a move.

William Bao Bean

WeChat: tool to bring down marketing costs – William Bao Bean

Getting your product into the market could be a costly adventure in the past. But Tencent´s WeChat is offering a cheap alternative for startup companies, says William Bao Bean managing director of Chinaccelerator in Technode at the Chinaccelerator Demo Day, presenting new startups.

In ecommerce, Facebook is a clone of WeChat – William Bao Bean

Is China lagging in innovations? Certainly not when it comes to ecommerce, says William Bao Bean, managing director of Chinaccelerator, in TechinAsia. “If you can get ahold of Facebook’s product roadmap, it’s a giant WeChat clone,” he says.

Is Xiaomi losing steam? – Shaun Rein

Huawei has replaced Xiaomi as the preferred mobile in China. Is you want to be cool, you buy Apple, if you want a decent local product, you buy Huawei, says business analyst Shaun Rein in Yahoo Finance. Xiaomi is still a good company, but US$45 billion might be a little bit high, he says.

Size matters for shopping malls in China – Sam Crispin

Shopping malls might be doing badly in China, it does not stop local government from building new ones, the bigger the better, says real estate expert Sam Crispin in Forbes. Even when the shoppers in the end do not show up.

Shanghai: most expensive for luxury goods – Wei Gu

When you want to buy luxury goods in Asia, better not do it in Shanghai. China´s second largest city has become the most expensive, writes WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu in the Wall Street Journal, based on the the 2015 Lifestyle Index by Swiss private bank Julius Baer.